Piano Guys Live!!!!!!! Indiana Jones Rocks Petra with this Arabian Classical Remix! – The Piano Guys





Over in the Living Room!


Announcement from TPG!


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J. Ann Gilman E.

Love seeing you Guys! Annie!

Filipe Domingues

Hello everybody. Greetings from our small but huge Portugal… by the way, when are you coming here? I’m a great Harry Potter fan (a really huge potterhead), just like everyone else, why don’t you try a mashup with Harry Potter and something else, it would be awesome… XO to all of you 🙂



When are you coming to Israel??

Frances Viet

Love you guys. come to Cape Town South Africa. Please!!

Hildis Ozunin

Ustedes son espectaculares! Nos encantan!


from Russia with love

Joe O

Awesome work guys, thanks for the great music and your hard work

mALditA aKo

Marhaba from Dubai UAE!


Saludos desde Michoacán, Mexico!!! Great “”piano guys””


Hi kids, I enjoy your stuff for a couple years now!

Rol 30 Cm

please teach me hot to play piano 😦

Thomas Cheong

what is the facebook address?

Thomas Cheong

I am trying to see the live facebook instead of youtube as the descrpitions cannot see. me from Singapore.

Antoine Tarabay

Lebanon?????? when you will be there?

Михаил Глекель

April Teniente 15 of June they will be here in Russia

April Teniente

I’m not in Russia.

Isa Flor

😊😊Hi..!! 😍

Dawn Wilson

hi guys, Dawn from Nigeria. Love you guys!!!

Karen Matthews

can you do shape of you by ed Sheeran

GrandMother Cookie Break? 2017 Coffee. Dark Chocolate. Walnuts? Check It Out! / part 2


GrandMother Cookie Break? 2017 Coffee. Dark Chocolate. Walnuts? Check It Out!










Dr Gundry Reveals Ultimate Breakfast Recipe

A New Rumor Has It? That A Pup …. Our Famous Bear the Wonder Dog Star Reporter Was Training / Maybe Joining Us On A Permanent Basis?


The growing Pup likes lumber and carry’s around a 2×4 in his mouth,  I hear ! 🙂

He seems to have become a Carpenter/Builder of Tiny Dog Houses?

So a Maybe? Welcome Tribute from him, with this Tiny Dog House News Story! 🙂



11 Doggie Mansions That Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Life Choices



Red Buffalo Heart – We Are All One

We Are All One by Michael Red Buffalo Heart Dimitri | ReverbNation

We Are All One by Michael Red Buffalo Heart Dimitri, Singer Songwriter music from Eureka Springs, AR on ReverbNation.



Red Buffalo Heart – We Are All One

Buffalohair: Legendary Burmese Activist/Artist Sitt Nyein Aye Appears in Trinidad / Colorado……….

A huge Art Gallery is in the works! Yes, Buffalohair is busy making a huge Gallery!

On two large city blocks, which will be named after the …..Legendary Burmese Activist/Artist Sitt Nyein Aye! Where he will also have his own, First Class Gallery!

Yes, every thing will be First Class when Buffalohair is done creating his own work of art , this Gallery !






One Raggio’s Avant-Garde Gallery @ ‘The Colony’. Trinidad. Colorado Buffalohair



Published on Feb 1, 2017

Sculpture Artist John Raggio’s New gallery, A Brief Tour of His Establishment and Just for Fun, A Pottery Making Demonstration with an Avant-Garde Twist that is Raggio’s Signature…


February 4, 2017 in Asia, US News and tagged , , , , , , , ,

Message to the World From Standing Rock / Buffalohair


Published on Nov 29, 2016

I met a man named Sunka Wakan Sapa (Black Horse) while at the Oceti Sakowin Camp, Standing Rock. He asked me if I would help him spread his words around the world. He told me his words were very important and everyone on Earth must hear.

Liked By Bear The Wonder Dog! Trevor Hall – Standing Rock



If You Are A Rock , Stand Up Like A Mountain! Bear Humming:) heart4_teaser




Buffalohair – Jage Press / News and Entertainment Magazine

Ariel Lerner – Dreamland


Published on Apr 30, 2017

A Dream Pop/Psychedelic Rock song. Main inspirations are Beach House, The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, Melody’s Echo Chamber, and MGMT.

(I don’t know man, sometimes it’s just really hard. I mean, you think it all goes away but you wake up one morning and it just hits you like a truck. It’s hard not to rely on other things to keep you going, really. Sometimes all you wanna do is just stay in dreamland forever)

Is it still you
That I see
At the end
Of the hall?

Don’t you think
That you’ve over stayed your welcome?
I did not imagine
You would ever let that happen
If not you, then who will it be
To rescue me from my dreams?
Is it never enough
Just to feel?

Is it true
that we can’t
Ever win,
Only lose?

Do you think
About all the people in the world
Who don’t have anybody else
To come back home to?
Is that you?
Or is that me?
I’ll just keep on living
In my dreams

Wang Ping’s ‘Kinship of Rivers Festival’ Sunday 21st. Trinidad Colorado…….

Wang Ping’s ‘Kinship of Rivers Festival’ Sunday 21st, Trinidad Colorado

Acclaimed Laureate Wang Ping Returns to ‘The Colony’, Trinidad Colorado.


KOR Voces Trinidad2016 - 86

Sunday May 21st 3-7 MST

Amato Lumber

224 E. Godding Street, Trinidad, Colorado, 81082

As promised the irrepressible Wang Ping is returning to Trinidad Colorado with her Kinship of Rivers Festival to prepare traditional Chinese dumplings.

Her backdrop will be in the Amato Lumber Yard (The Diamond in the Rough) where her ‘Kinship of Rivers’ flag installations will be on display, share stories and christen the future ‘Sitt Nyein Aye Arts & Cultural Center’.

Renowned Burmese artist Sitt Nyein Aye will perform a hands on mural painting demonstration that is sure to be fun for young and old.

From Indigenous to Intergalactic, everyone welcome to share a day

Kids will have a blast


Ron Amato

719 846 7474


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