March 29, 2011, From The desk Of Ann LRD/Jage

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Redwood Forest , The Giants, Old Grandfathers on the Eel River.





Realizing we may not find any pure water or pure foods and that the air we are breathing is loaded with harmful elements. We will be going on faith with a few miracles thrown in! The wisdom and knowledge we have, will help us through almost anything thrown our way. We will have to ad-lib on the rest of it? It is not that the info gathered will not help us and our families with survival in an emergency. It is that these poisons now stronger in our air, makes everything more serious, health wise.

Careless power struggles to rule over others , while making the all mighty dollar for their own business has hurt many people. So much harm has been done now, that it will even go back and bite the owner in the ass. It became bigger then they ever imagined. Completely out of their own control. It has taken on a life of it own. They just do not want to loose face and say they were wrong.

The earth is changing and there is nothing we can say or do to stop that now. We can make it worse! In how we treat people! In our trying to save ourselves but not others.

It is time to get our thoughts collected and on an even keel. Yes, to stay calm. The Earth is not going away! It is trying to clean house so it can heal it self. Picture if you will…. First with a fit of anger blowing up to burn off it own crust. Then shaking off the fleas that are still all over its body. Fleas that are biting and sucking the blood out of it. Yes, it is wiping the slate clean and starting over! Maybe a few will survive and still be here to see it all happen. So survival skills will still be needed. Take notes to save, write it on stone …. on what we all did wrong! So they are not repeated? Hopefully not!

I had like a cold starting up but it seems to be passing. The skies are funny looking/ hazy as the sun tries to shine through. Some have reported a red tint even. No not from blood shot eyes! It is the elderly that are drawing our attention to the changes.


Cookie Recipes:

Where else can you

— lie by an open fire and listen to the rain without getting wet? – In a tipi

— roast hot dogs over glowing embers while the wind blows and not get smoke in your eyes? – In a tepee

— on a hot summer day can you raise the wall of your shelter on the shady side and let a cool breeze flow through, or sit out a winter storm, secure and warm, while the elements rage on the outside? – in a teepee

— gaze up at the stars as you fall asleep and awake to a cloud burst and still stay dry? – in a tipi

Take Care


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