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Culture on the Cheap: 100 Websites to Find Free Arts & Entertainment Online and in Your Neighborhood

Finding things to do in your own town can be as simple as pulling out a local newspaper and checking the events calendar. Some places are huge though, so how do you break down events to rule out or attend? Look them up online, search city entertainment databases or go to that newspaper Web site to see what’s going on near you. If you are traveling to a new city, these guides and state tourism Web sites are great places to plan your vacation itinerary.

State Entertainment and Visitors Guides

1. Arts & Entertainment – Whether you live in Delaware or are just passing through, this site provides you with addresses and phone numbers of museums, dance schools, and more.
2. – As well as providing info on Oregon’s upcoming arts and entertainment, this site also provides entertainment news and reviews.
3. Things To Do – This Arizona-based cite lets you find things to do around the entire state, as well as access to movie reviews, previews, and much more.
4. Going Out Guide – If you live in Washington D.C., Maryland, or Virginia, you out it to yourself to use this awesome site to plan your next great night out.
5. Let’s Talk Colorado– This colorful site helps you find the entertainment you need, so you can “talk Colorado” for your next vacation.
6. – This Jersey-based site has reviews, articles, and news on the latest in entertainment events.
7. VisitFlorida – Whether you’ve got a data with Mickey Mouse or just want a lazy day (or two, or three) at the beach, this site helps you plan your next trip to Florida.
8. Explore Virginia – No matter where you’re going in Virginia, this site will help you have as much fun as is humanly possible.
9. Welcome to Mississippi – Whether you’re golfing, gambling, or enjoying a lazy river ride, this site brings the best of Mississippi entertainment right to your monitor.
10. – This New Hampshire-based site is an online magazine, letting you post and peruse personals, find local art galleries, enjoy local night clubs, and much more.
11. Things To Do in Arkansas – Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, this site will help make your time in Arkansas entertaining and magical.
12. – If you’re in or around Maine, check this site out to find beaches, dining, music, restaurants, and more.
13. Alaska Visitor Guides – Whether you wish to view wildlife or just get a glimpse of Russia, this site will help you make the most of your Alaskan getaway.
14. Montana Official State Travel Site – Hiking, rodeos, mountains, and more; plan your tomorrow in Montana today.
15. Oklahoma Native America – From historic locales to trendy boutiques, this site helps you find everything Oklahoma has to offer.
16. Idaho: Adventures in Living – This site helps you plan out every part of your own Idaho adventure.
17. New Hampshire – Plan future trips or simply enjoy the state today with this sleek, colorful website.
18. Experience Washington – Built-in maps are just one of the many awesome features on this site to help you start experiencing Washington State today.
19. New York Visitors Network – Enjoy the history, recreation, and just plain fun of New York with this easy-to-use site.
20. Kentucky: Unbridled Spirit – Enjoy the natural beauty of Kentucky and plan an amazing getaway with this site.
21. Hawaii: The Islands of Aloha – No matter which island you’re headed to, this site will help you plan a trip that you’ll never forget.
22. – Your North Carolina trip won’t be complete until you’ve used this site to plan it.
23. Missouri – Use the built-in map to find amazing events going on near you.
24. Wyoming: Forever West – Whether you’re a young man heading west or a seasoned cowboy looking for his sunset, this site helps you explore the beauty of Wyoming.
25. Nevada – Shops, spas, and golf; this site helps you complete your Nevadan trifecta.
26. Plan Your Trip in Pennsylvania – This media-filled site has amazing testimonials as to why your next getaway should be to Pennsylvania.
27. – Enjoy the mountains, rivers, and countryside of West Virginia with this handy guide.
28. Visit Delaware – Find the latest attractions in the world of Delaware entertainment with this great site.
29. – With built-in calendars, this site helps you plan your own amazing getaway to Illinois.
30. New Mexico Tourism Department – This informative and fact-filled site helps you “dream in color” by visiting the loveliness of New Mexico.
31. Welcome to Utah – Skiing, snowboarding, whitewater rafting—your own sporty Utah getaway is just a few clicks away.
32. Kansas: As Big As You Think – This colorful site helps you plan your trip to Kansas, whether you’ll be exploring natural beauty or enjoying the awesome night life.
33. Maryland: Welcome – This site lets you explore things to do in Maryland by different regions, making navigation a snap.
34. Louisiana Travel – This site helps you hunt down the spiciest dishes and the coolest beverages to be found in Louisiana.
35. South Carolina: Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places – Whether you’re shopping, eating, drinking, or enjoying the rugged outdoors, this site gets you ready to explore South Carolina.
36. Vermont Vacation – Enjoy biking through the country, tasting amazing local dishes, or just exploring the amazing scenery of Vermont.
37. South Dakota: The Land of Great Faces and Great Places – This site focuses on giving you an amazing visit to South Dakota at an even more amazing price.
38. North Dakota Legendary – If you’d like your North Dakota trip to be absolutely legendary, this site is a must-see.
39. Tennessee Department of Tourist Development – No matter where you’re going in Tennessee, this site will help make your trip unforgettable.
40. Connecticut – This site provides places to stay and maps out the great times you’ll have when you embrace a Connecticut vacation that’s “closer than you think.”
41. Travel Iowa – If you’d like a “life changing” vacation to Iowa, this site can make your dream a reality.
42. Sweet Home Alabama – Whether visiting the historic sites in Montgomery and Birmingham or just enjoying some down home hospitality, this site brings sweet home Alabama a step closer.
43. Explore Minnesota – This visitor-friendly site lets you send off for free brochures, subscribe to e-newsletters, and much more to bring that faraway vacation right to your doorstep.
44. Indiana’s Official Travel Planning Source – This site is full of amazing deals for your Indiana trip, including great summertime discounts/
45. California: Find Yourself Here – Whether you’re catching great waves or great wines, this site helps bring you to California.
46. Georgia – Enjoy the metropolitan paradise of Atlanta or the rugged outdoors of the country with this great trip-planning site.

City Guides

47. Community Sports and Recreation – Whether you want to hike, swim, or just catch a show, this site provides all of your Seattle area recreational needs.
48. Entertainment & Preview – If you’re a resident of California’s North County, you absolutely need to bookmark this site for info on theatre, music, movies, and art.
49. Weekend Calendar – This NY Post weekend calendar brings you the latest entertainment in The Big Apple, from plays to movies to music.
50. SFGate – San Francisco’s plays, movies, music, and other great entertainment are just a click away on this colorful site.
51. Asheville Art Events, Tours, Festivals & Shows – There’s no shortage of events in Asheville, NC, and this site helps you keep track of all of them.
52. GuideLive – This Dallas-based blog provides all of the information you need on area events and entertainment.
53. Entertainment – This Tucson-based site helps you expand your nightlife, restaurant choices, and bar-hop chops.
54. – All of the Austin-based entertainment you’ll ever need, available on one slick website.
55. TBO Extra – This Tampa Bay Online site invites you to participate in entertainment reviews, even as you access all the entertainment news you need.
56. – This Columbus, OH-based site brings you views, news, and reviews on the latest in the world of arts and entertainment.
57. Nashville Scene – If you’d like to stay on top of the arts and entertainment scene in Nashville, bookmark this site immediately.
58. ZSpotlight Entertainment Guide – If you’re a resident of Raleigh, Durham, Cary or Chapel Hill, this site will provide instant access to the entertainment news you need, day or night.
59. Las Vegas Online Entertainment Guide – Though the stories may have to stay in Las Vegas, this site helps you make all of the naughty and nice memories you’ll need.
60. Portland Guide – This site helps you plan your next Portland getaway, whether you’d like to go camping, catch a concert, or just enjoy a night on the town.
61. Denver: The Mile High City – In addition to guides to the entire town’s entertainment, this site provides coupons, deals, and much more.
62. Entertainment St. Louis – Whether its sports, dancing, concerts, or movies that are your passion, this St. Louis site will help you get what you need.
63. Explore Long Island – This site brings you the news and reviews on entertainment you need for your next trip to Long Island.
64. Baltimore – This is all the Baltimore info you’ll need, from local news, arts and entertainment, and much more.
65. Entertainment Guide – This San Diego site is your guide to the hottest shows, coolest restaurants, and smoothest music in town.
66. After Dark Info – If you’re on the southeast side of Atlanta, consult this great guide to find out what arts and entertainment events are going down in your area.
67. – While you don’t need to go far to find arts and entertainment in Nashville, this site helps you make the most of your time out.
68. – If you live in Rockford, IL, this site helps you find music, shops, movies, and more.
69. Get Out – This Amarillo-based site helps you get out and enjoy the local art scene, from movies to music to theatre.
70. I Love NY – This site helps you find a place to stay and plan what you’ll do in the city that never sleeps.
71. San Juan Islands Washington – Whether you’re visiting just one or all three of these amazing islands, this site helps you plan a trip that covers every inch of these fabulous getaways.
72. Underground Atlanta – This site is your number one guide to the shops, restaurants, and historic sights of Underground Atlanta.
73. Only in San Francisco – Find different events by different neighborhoods in San Francisco with this slick, no-frills site.
74. Omaha – Residents and visitors of Omaha alike should visit this page to find out the latest events and activities.

Niche Entertainment Sites

75. – Just like the name says, this site is all about finding amazing festivals near you.
76. – This world wide directory helps you find the fairs and festivals that can bring a vacation right to your doorstep.
77. Festivals, Fairs, Concert Dates and Weather – The name says it all: this site helps you track down entertainment in a city near you, and even make sure the weather’s good.
78. Honeymoons/Romantic Travel – Like the name says, this site is all about planning a scenic, romantic getaway with you and your main squeeze.
79. Festival Finder – This site helps you find awesome musical festivals by location and type of music.
80. BirdWater’ – Whether you’re a hardcore ornithologist or a casual birdwatcher, this site helps you find “birding festivals” and other feather-friendly events.
81. The Family Fun Finder – This colorful site helps you find great events near you that are fun for…well, the whole family.
82. – Find wine events all across the world by different regions with this great site.

Searchable City Entertainment Guides

83. CityGuide – Just type in the city you want and City Guide will deliver news on restaurants, bars, clubs, and more.
84. MetroMix – Just choose your metropolitan area and receive instant access to info on bars, movies, music, and restaurants.
85. Professional Travel Guide – If you’re a world traveler, or would like to be one, use this site to have fun across the entire globe.
86. Local Nights Out – Wherever “local” is for you, this site is all about planning your next amazing night out.
87. Entertainment Guide – Bookmark this site—it gives you instant access to entertainment guides for your state.
88. United States City & Entertainment Guides – Broken into major metropolitan areas, this sites lets you find out what happening in the world of entertainment in a city near you.
89. Free Travel Guides – No matter where you live in America, or where you wish to travel, this site will help you find something to do.
90. CitySearch – Just type in your town and have instant access to city services, restaurants, bars, clubs, and much more.
91. National Park Service – Find a national park near you, and then access the information to create a perfect family getaway.
92. Upcoming: Events and Things To Do – This Yahoo-run site helps you find great events and activities near you.

Art Museums and Cultural Searchable Web Sites

93. The Art Guide Online – Use this site’s great reviews of galleries and museums to plan your next artistic visit.
94. Museum Spot – This extensive database will find your destination area’s museums, art shows and other cultural and science-related events for vacationing families or anyone looking to get out on the town for a Sunday afternoon.
95. Art Guide – For Seattle and Western Washington, this site provides the ultimate guide to galleries and museums.
96. Artsopolis – This is the only guide to Silicon Valley’s arts and entertainment that you’ll ever need.
International Event Guides and Web Sites
97. WhereCanWeGo – Another Britan-centric site, this page helps you find out where to go for the hottest entertainment.
98. NZ Events – Plan an amazing trip to New Zealand with this site, and time your trip with the latest entertainment and events.
99. Australian Government Culture Portal – If the only darn wallaby you know comes with a straw, then you should plan your next trip down under with this great site.
100. BritEvents – If you live in jolly old England or are planning a trip there, use this colorful site to track down the latest events.

Whether you are planning a road trip or traveling internationally, check beforehand to see what kind of local events can take you off the beaten path and into new discoveries.

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