Humble Birthday Thanks To My Friends/Readers…& Haters

Humble Birthday Thanks To My Friends/Readers…& Haters


Well youse guys did it again, I’m personally overwhelmed by the birthday wishes from all you great fans, correspondents and dedicated readers from Planet Earth and………….well never mind.

Of course this comes along with my usual complement of hate mail, threats & other denigrating flotsam from around the universe that are not so fuzzy, but proof they are reading!

Overwhelmed? Oh hell yes. After all, I’ve gotten birthday salutations from countries I’m still learning how to pronounce and that is humbling. Gawd, I’ve been ‘globalized’! But in all reality, I do thank my readers both old and new for if it were not for you, your tips, leads and other priceless resources within all these nations, I would be writing & moving mainstream prevarications and politically correct lies like all the other ‘talking sphincters’ .

You know what’s really cool, knowing there are others throughout existence that share the very same values, incites & observations. They come from all ideological principals, creeds, color and planets, if you are aware enough to grasp that tidbit. 

It is very humbling to know I’ve touched such a diverse population over the years and you’ve touched me as well, oy vey!

So it is I who thanks every one of youse guys for all the birthday fuzz,  on ‘My Day of Spawn’.

Your Devil’s Advocate