Dallas/Fort Worth area Hong Kong Market Place is an excellent Asian culinary adventure

Buffalohair Quote:

“On a positive note; if per chance you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area **Hong Kong Market Place is an excellent place to begin your Asian culinary adventure, Yee Haw! It’s like taking a trip to Asia without getting felt up by TSA. Hmm, I miss the intimacy though.”

Bon Appetit’

** http://www.hkmkt.com/

Buffalohair Quote:

“In defense of legitimate Chinese and other Asian entrepreneurs there are many excellent Asian Buffets & Restaurants that don’t use and abuse their employees, let alone serve pre-eaten foods. I’ve explored Asian restaurants around the country and it’s been a wonderful culinary experience for the most part. Why am I so lucky? Well, I always eat where the Asians eat and if I want to explore a new kitchen I simply ask one of my friends. They know where to go and it’s a foodie’s paradise if you know what to look for.”



Check out his rule of thumb list in the last Post, From his News Story!

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