Stickam – A Travel Slide Show with Little Running Deer

Yes, I  had a slide show of some of my travel photos at this  site. They now Closed their site! 😦 Bye , Wish you well!

There was a Chat screen at Stickam , ones could chat Live there also. There use to be a very cool travel blog showing a two way conversation from different parts of the World while using Stickam. Being out doors with a laptop, they had very beautiful scenery that they showed!

After Publlishing, If you wanted to make your Posting Live. … We had just added the ability to add your YouTube videos RSS to your profile page. … They closed their site! 😦 They were so cool with well done teaching videos in using their site!


Have a fun day!

Just a tourist posing for someone else while standing beside the Redwood Tree.  A Great way to show  the trees size!  Photo is too large for this posting? Ah there we go!


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