Inka Gold is live streaming Inka Gold Live Stream.




Inka Gold is live streaming Inka Gold Live Stream.

Inka Gold Live Stream



Thank You so much ! Love your Music! 🙂
Carole Bowen

love you guys.


Anne Peoples

You both have beautiful voices. Should sing more.


Anne Peoples

Is that Naylamp?


Anne Peoples

Yes, now I can hear you.



Sorry I missed your live broadcast, so was not able to comment then. I really enjoy your music and you really sound great singing together, I hope you do it more often. By the way your English is fine no problem understanding you at all. You should hear my Spanish lol, I can say Si and that’s about it. Hope to catch you live next time. God Bless Larry

Noel Kharman-Despacito/اخيرا قالها (Mashup) ft Audinius



“You owe the earth a pardon”



Joan Baez added a new video: “Nasty Man” by Joan Baez.

April 4 at 7:52pm · 2017

“Nasty Man” (©️Gabriel Earl Music) (words and music by Joan Baez)

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