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Thank you for signing up to receive the WyzeCam launch invitation! We appreciate your interest and want to give you a quick update. Today we passed an exciting milestone… We submitted the Wyze App to Apple’s App Store! Android users, the Android Wyze App will be ready to submit in a couple of days and will be ready in time for launch on Oct 24th.

We also have a request for you. We’re a startup with a big dream and we need your help to make next week’s launch as successful as possible. Please help spread the word about WyzeCam (www.wyzecam.com) by sharing our page with your friends and family. This will help us continue our mission to make quality smart home technology accessible to everyone.

Thank you!
Your WyzeCam Team




You spoke, we listened.

Since launching the WyzeCam, we have heard from many of you about ways we can make it better. One of the common requests was the ability to schedule when your WyzeCam records motion/sound triggered alert videos. We’re happy to announce that this feature is now available in the Wyze app!

You can download the latest version of the Wyze app here: iOS V1.1.46 and Android V1.1.52. You will also need to update the firmware for your WyzeCam (the app should prompt you to update, but if it doesn’t you can go into your Camera Settings, scroll down to Device Info and tap on “Check for firmware upgrade”). Once you’ve upgraded, you will see an Alert Schedule option in the Alert Settings.

We hope this makes your experience using the WyzeCam better. Earlier this week we sent you a survey to get your feedback about the WyzeCam. Your input is very important to us as we continue to make improvements to the user experience. If you haven’t already, please fill out the survey before Dec 15.

Thanks for being a member of the WyzeCam Community!

Your WyzeCam Team

Buffalohair: Don’t Be Eclipsed by Nudniks From Space

Don’t Be Eclipsed by Nudniks From Space


Oh boy and yet another ‘once in a lifetime eclipse’ to write home about. Hmm, exactly how many once in a lifetime eclipses can civilization handle in one lifetime? Apparently as many as it takes to convince a lemming society that the ‘Sky is Falling’ & The Creator of the Universe is an alien named Ron-Duh. Just remember, eclipses were used to manipulate the ‘ignorant’ masses since time immemorial, Ask Merlin ‘The False Flag Magician’… So buyer beware.

As far as prophecy is concerned, it’s moving along like clock work. The fate of man and his galactic cohorts were already described in prophetic teachings, etched in stone and the fodder of oral traditions. TV’s ‘Crazy Hair’ & company spouts blarney about G*D’s from Space but sadly they are misinterpreting hieroglyphics and a library of prophetic teachings from around the world for they were warnings.

The Creator does not need ‘contraptions’ to whiz around the universe in, just low rent space guys. And if you think for one second the true Grand Architect of existence was dumb enough to share technology with Earth Bound Moronic Nudniks who kill innocent people for Oil & Gas, Land or Natural Resources, then you deserve what is coming. Whether you’re a corporate assassin or stockholder, you have blood on your hands and it is indelible.

If you paid attention to all these interpretations of prophetic teachings, they share one common denominator, THEY ALL FAILED BIG TIME. Does not matter who, what, when, where and how they failed but it is clear they went kaput for their empires lay in ruins. Egypt is a case in point but the list goes on throughout man’s history of greed. The contemporary era shares this destiny and the final outcome will be the same as the others.

Where are the Anunnaki now Crazy Hair?!? They are pushing up daisies like the rest of the galactic honyockers and their fancy schmancy empire lay in ruins, like the others. Their advanced secret technologies did little to save their asses, think about it. We are in the same boat homeboy/girl, but if you have your spiritual tool box handy, you’ll do just fine. But for the rest of you that pray to space debris, forget about it paisan, capice?

As for the eclipse, I’ll get some chores done while the sun is blocked, snap a few pictures. If the sky fills with little green aliens named Ron-Duh, I’ll have a good laugh for the joke is on them in the grand scheme of things.

But one thing is for sure, they ain’t no frigging G*D’s!

Your Devil’s Advocate



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