Rock the 9: A New Mexico Entertainment Review

rockthe9aThe Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque New Mexico is a 5 star event on anyone’s A-List. It’s an event where 10’s of thousands of Aboriginal people from throughout the Americas celebrate a weekend of multi-tribal events including food, song, dance and comedy. But there is another event of consequence in ABQ during the GON pow wow that is well worth a visit and that’s the ‘Rock the 9’ Native American Music Festival and this year it was held at the ‘Low Spirit Bar and Stage’. Ironically, the venue is reminiscent of the iconic Troubadour Club in West Hollywood for its unique multi genre format and the international headliners it attracts both on and off stage.

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Torben Thoger Life is NOW!


Ann Little Running Deer shared a link via Torben Thoger.

Torben Thoger
Life is NOW! In my new music video I take a closer look at my life. I once realized that nothing happens in the past or in the future. Everything happens in the NOW and that the moment is precious. Comments in English or Danish are very welcome and if you like the song and video, please share it with your friends. Thanks! 🙂

NOW – by Torben Thoger – In this music video Torben takes a closer look at his life. He once realized that nothing happens in the past or in the future….