Hopefully Coming Again This Fall 2011 On PodCast! The Mingalaba Show 24/7?

Buffalohair Mingalaba Show This Fall 2011

Well, the Mingalaba,  had been moved to PodBean.Com. from Live Radio in the Fall of 2010.  There people could hear the shows without the use of software and worry about time constraints since the podcast does air my shows 24/7. For pro democracy groups within Burma there will no longer be the concern of having tell tale signs of listening to my shows/ since they are illegal. Just press and play is all you have to do and the show will be at your fingertips.

This Fall 2011 will have the link here for you! 

And yes, I am just as criminally insane as I was during the live radio shows.

Mingalaba Show 24/7

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