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Old Grandfathers on the Eel

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I have been Listening to Military travel during the night and  fighter jets  just at dawn ? Is it about Egypt?

A number of years ago this was the path of the Stealth fighters.

Now I am listening to cars spinning on ice! Could hear sleet hitting the windows off and on  during the night .

  • Immobilizing Blizzard, Ice Storm Battering Oklahoma to Missouri

    Feb 1, 2011; 7:32 AM ET

    The first major, immobilizing winter storm of its kind this season is unfolding across the Plains, snarling travel from Oklahoma City to Kansas City.

  • Snow keeps falling!!!!  Starting to block my storm door from opening!  So I was able to move a heavy planter over to hold it open, so I can get out if needed.
  • February 3, 20011    -77 degree drop from Saturday of 68 to -9 degrees Thursday morning.

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