Ariel Lerner – Dreamland


Published on Apr 30, 2017

A Dream Pop/Psychedelic Rock song. Main inspirations are Beach House, The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, Melody’s Echo Chamber, and MGMT.

(I don’t know man, sometimes it’s just really hard. I mean, you think it all goes away but you wake up one morning and it just hits you like a truck. It’s hard not to rely on other things to keep you going, really. Sometimes all you wanna do is just stay in dreamland forever)

Is it still you
That I see
At the end
Of the hall?

Don’t you think
That you’ve over stayed your welcome?
I did not imagine
You would ever let that happen
If not you, then who will it be
To rescue me from my dreams?
Is it never enough
Just to feel?

Is it true
that we can’t
Ever win,
Only lose?

Do you think
About all the people in the world
Who don’t have anybody else
To come back home to?
Is that you?
Or is that me?
I’ll just keep on living
In my dreams

Buffalohair: Thingyan Celebration. Denver Colorado / 4-16-17 April 22. 2017

Thingyan Celebration, Denver Colorado, 4-16-17






A video glimpse into the Burmese Community on Thingyan, The Burmese New Years Celebration.

What stole the show for me was the reunion of comrades who struggled, fought and in some cases were tortured for years in prison in an effort to break a man’s spirit.

Fortunately, the spirit of freedom and democracy did not die within these most honorable men.

They stand together once again.

Saw Ngo, Hlaing Moe Than, Sitt Nyein Aye, Ko Oo (below) are Burma’s hallowed heroes.



And it was an honor to be among Real Champions of Freedom and Democracy.

Your Devil’s Advocate