Foodie Review: BRIX Sports Bar & Grill, Trinidad Colorado

BRIX promo 1So now you find yourself wondering where to get that ‘perfect martini’ in historic Trinidad Colorado. Fortunately libation is only a stones throw away from the Arthur Roy Mitchell Museum and a host of other cultural points of interest this budding art community has to offer. Though I’m not the fabled John Taffer of Bar Rescue fame I am a consumer who enjoys the finer things in life and I would like to share my critique of this exciting establishment; Brix Sports Bar & Grill. Continue reading

Foodie Review: Great Wall, Chinese Restaurant & Lounge, Trinidad Colorado

great wall promoTrinidad Colorado is an ideal vacation spot with lakes, mountains, camping, hunting, museums and art galleries to die for. You can not possibly see all there is to see within this historic region in one day. Fortunately there are motels AND a variety of restaurants to titillate ones palate during a persons stay and this is where I come in. This is not downtown Dallas but Trinidad does have a variety of fun restaurants to choose from and on this day I dined at the ‘Great Wall’. Continue reading

Homeland Security to Conduct Massive Earthquake Drill, Bravo!

In the spirit of emergency preparedness the Department of Homeland Security under the stewardship of Janet Napolitano and Education Secretary Arne Duncan are conducting the *“Great Central US Stake Out” an emergency preparedness drill for the region surrounding the New Madrid Fault. This region includes Alabama, Arkansas,Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee, states that share this massive fault. It would behoove other states to heed this massive drill as well since fault lines that adjoin the New Madrid fault are equally in danger of a massive distruction. Citizens as a whole should take the time to learn more about preparedness.

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Why is Domestic Spending Even on The Chopping Block?

Like a dark comedy, both sides of the corrupted political isle are targeting domestic spending as the culprit of the nations financial whoa. The reality is the fact both sides of the isle have ignored the trillions of dollars that continue to flow into the coffers of international corporations, special interests and foreign nations, without a whisper. Combined, all domestic spending would not match the interest being charged for the growing national debt. Regardless of the rhetoric politicians continue to spend recklessly while cutting entitlements, benefits, aid and social programs while casting Americans against one another in this smoke screen of deception. It’s the same ole same oles as pundits on both sides utilize the age old axiom of divide and conquer onAmericaas they quietly rob the nation’s coffers.

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