Survival,Water,wild Foods, Hunting and Fishing

Anyone could find themselves in an emergency situation and even the most basic survival knowledge could mean the difference between life and death. A basic understanding of survival techniques should enable anyone to travel through the wilderness with an increased level of confidence and enjoyment Be Prepared The best time to practice any wilderness survival skills – start a fire, shelter building or whatever – is before you need them. Take some time to read all the information .You will learn how to take care of yourself and others when traveling in the wilderness, and I’m sure that your next excursion will provide you with a greater level of enjoyment due to your newfound knowledge.

Where and how to find water

From the News desk of Ann Little Running Deer

Clean Water

When you don’t have a beautiful clean lake or river to get your water from, where do you find water?

The solar still only takes about an hour to build. If constructed correctly, it can yield about a litre (quart) of water a day.

A baggy, careful do not make any tears in it, tied on a sunny tree branch. With one side of bag hanging lower, to catch the water from the leaves that is made by the sun. Makes a great drink of fresh water!

Catching rain water off your clean tent is another way. Wait until after first start of rain, as it washes sky, before collecting.

I was able to find under ground running water with a small forked willow branch. The magnetic field pull, would rip the small branch out of my hands as it twisted down  pointing to water…...Ann

Note: I forgot about the number of steps you count off  from  first pull to when it points straight down.  It tells  you how many inches or feet the water is below the surface.

Eagle Scout’s Tips

Listen for running water

Boil the running water you find.

A Note in boiling water: Use only the top clear water after cooling. That is for real bad water!

2 thoughts on “Survival,Water,wild Foods, Hunting and Fishing

  1. Weather Lore Tips watching your surroundings.

    About the turning upward of tree leaves to show a silver side, if it was going to rain.

    At first lighting strike you start counting until you hear the thunder. It tells you how many milles away the strike hit when divided by 5.

    As the sun goes down,

    Extend your arm fully out in front of you and point your fingers inward.
    Position the bottom of your pinky on the horizon.
    For most people, you use the knuckle where the red line is for measurement.
    Each finger is 15 minutes. You stack your other hand on this one and keep going up the sky until you reach the bottom of the sun.

    High Noon, was sun being directly over head for ST.
    These were great as a child when out roaming the hills and fields.

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