Gardening Freedom, Make it Fun for the Children!













What Has Happened to Our Fruit and Vegetable Seeds?

Part 1 – Sustainable Food (UCLA Lecture)


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We will now be reselling seeds from other seed companies and they are now available for purchase at our… Urban Homestead Supply Store… @tp://










Starting Your Garden


Here’s advice on starting your garden from preparing your soil to planting your seeds to growing your plants. More

Gardening Jobs for February

Start parsley indoors now. You may think you have successfully wintered over the plant, but it is a biennial and will soon go to seed. More

Best Planting Dates for Seeds

Here’s when to plant your seeds indoors, in the ground, and by the Moon. No hand calculations! Just type in any location.

4-H Children’s Garden: Overview Map

Imagine a special garden created for children and the young at heart. This is the Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden, a place where plants, children, …

I always had fun spaces hidden in my large gardens for the children. Green bean tipi , garden benches in hide away, corn maze trails. Always had something new each year but kept the things they loved.  Ann LRD:)

Kitchen Garden

Browse through these articles to learn how to grow and maintain a kitchen garden as well as specific instructions for some of your favorite fruits and vegetables.


Grow It!

Read more:





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