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Remember NativeVue where alot of the Story Telling Began to be in the publics eye? What happened to those Archives? I saved some of them for you:)

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Thank you so much, Jag smile emoticon heart emoticon for all your spontaneous loving kindness support and featuring my work ie Love-in-Action!, on this platform and on your website. It brings much joy and heartwarmth
Much Love and Many Blessings and Peace Infinite add all best wishes to you and your loved ones ctd. Stay Beautiful – Jane


Spirit In The Wind Group

October 7, 2010

Ann Little Running Deer via Buffy Sainte-Marie: The Moon Buffy Sainte-Marie sings a hauntingly beautiful song

Hi! Can we use someone elses intro about ourselves:)

Or is that a bit cheesy? lol

I guess it depends how thick they lay it on? But I feel better when it comes from someone else for some reason.

Intro from Carole Thanks, Carole!

Ann Little Running Deer and Carlos Guevara/Buffalohair.
The Latest Forum News, Vues, and Schmooze… August 26th, 2007 by Carole Levine forumPlease join me in welcoming two new members to our illustrious NativeVue team, Ann Little Running Deer and Carlos Guevara/Buffalohair. Both are deeply knowledgeable about Native arts and culture and are passionate, articulate advocates of the best Native America has to offer. Ann is dedicating her talents to keeping our NativeVue Forum updated with the latest in performing art and pop culture discussion. Likewise, Carlos will continue to contribute to the Forum as well as being our newest blogger, whose dedicated page will be up and running within weeks.

Site Admin

Joined: 17 Jul 2006
Posts: 196
Location: Michigan

Posted: Thu Jan 01, 2009 7:55 am Post subject: Carlos and Annie Speak

A new year, with plenty of new revelations!!! Are you ready, dynamic duo?

We’re all waiting for ya!!!

Thanks Carole!

What’s So Funny…Native Humor |

Ann Little Running Deer is the MASTER when it comes to finding humorous tid-bits to share for our enjoyment. Take a look at her latest contribution.

So, you want a taste of Indian humor?

Ann Little Running Deer is an upbeat, tireless advocate of Native culture Also the Culture in other countries like Burma.

Free Burma Indigenous Peoples of the World – by Buffalohair at Care2

who administers sites on both MSN and Yahoo. She’s also very funny. Read what she shares with us today…

8 thoughts on “From the Desk of Buffalohair Jage Ann LRD Journal Collection

  1. Wow! You guys may begin to really hate me big time the more I research this game plan of the Elite power players:( LOL

    Yes, more white out skies again today and the planes are flying under those layers lacing together more Chemtrails for another layer! Has a strange affect on me?

    Watching that film on the snake people from outer space who do not need oxygen for breathing, it all makes it more clear why they would not care?

    The part on religions of mother and child a SUN / son in every main worship system. With restrictions on what is naughty or nice to keep a reign on the peoples minds, makes more logic ….. hummmmm Sorry folks we have all been raised up with Cultures beliefs. BUT I have been stung so many , Too many times by lying stealing people using religion as a front. And I am not a Satan fan either!

    So being an old grandmother with no love for crooks, I do not fit into the Snake Space peoples plan very well. Maybe that will help some how? Yeah , yeah they are trying to kill me to … but I like to know what is going on and if my mind is clear of their garbage / poison control as long as possible?

    I might be awake for the ending? I would like to see them all be taken down off their throne, for all the hurt they the Snake people space guys have done to everyone in the Universe and yes, on Mother Earth! I would love to see her be able to breathe again clean fresh air and drink clear clean pure water:) Then I could say good bye and sleep in peace!

  2. Energy / Shape shifting in the mind views via energy / Spirit beings ? Space beings that people are seeing more and more.
    Well anyway, I started watching this video I am going to store here until I get back to it……. I heard of him via others his talking about this. Dragons in art all over the World. London having dragons in art on buildings every where or gargoyles.
    Okay I watched the L O N G film:)

    David Icke – The Reptilians – the Schism – Obama and the New world Order.

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