Geiger Readings Across America;

A 4 segment panorama of the Grand Central Stat...
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Geiger Readings Across America; Does the

Mar 16, 2011 At Grand Central Station, the meter on the Geiger counter moved a lot. Grand Central was built with granite and marble, which are both radioactive. Here is a comparison of the radiation levels of everyday items and activities: More Popular News ». ABC News on Facebook. Follow Us › International

Fight over Radon in Granite Countertops Heats Up – Green Building

May 14, 2008 I thought the webpage for the YouTube video would post, if not, here it is: EPA regulations on radiation in buildings deal with radon ONLY. A few dozen that tested both marble and granite. However, once a piece of granite or natural stone exposed to a large amount of uranium rich mineral…/fight-over-radon-in-granite-countertops-heats-up/CachedSimilar

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