Reactions To Protect Ones Self When Entertaining in Crowds

Tim McGraw says “nobody feels good” about the “swatting” incident, but who feels worse, the swatter or the swattee?

Tim McGraw Opens Up On The Swat Heard Round The World

Tim McGraw himself finally responds to the video of him swatting a female fan.

Carrying You : From Laputa “Castles In The Sky” – Sungha Jung



(Pharrel Williams)Happy – Sungha Jung



Monsoon / Gabriel Ayala

 I wanted to gift you all something as well. Please accept this composition of mine entitled, “Monsoon”. I wrote it back in around 2008 while sitting outside watching the clouds unfold like cotton which turned from white, dark grey and then black. The rain soon followed w a breeze that surround my body like a hug. I sat there watching this painting right in front of my eyes by Creator and the sky was the canvas. This is my soundtrack to this moment in life. I hope you close your eyes and watch the movie play on the inside of your eyelids. Feel free to download this composition by following link. Blessings to you all….




JazzMenco: Fussion of Jazz and Flamenco

J-Min 제이민_아름다운 그대에게 OST_일어나(Stand Up) _Music Video

J-Min (with Titan) 제이민_Shine_Music Video

(Younha) Umbrella – Sungha Jung





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