Native Trailblazers Radio Show

Native Trailblazers Radio Show

Sade – Smooth Operator (Jazz version)

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Sade performs her classic hit from the 80’s Smooth Operator (Jazz version. From my private collection. Enjoy… (circa: 1994) All TV promos, news clips,

Nia ~ Pete Belasco…

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Joe Jackson Cha Cha Loco

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From Joe’s 1984 release: Body & Soul. Featuring Graham Maby on Bass & Vinnie Zummo on guitar. One of my all time fave Joe tracks!


Robin Williams tribute

shared 95.5 the ROCK‘s video.


95.5 the ROCK uploaded a new video.

This Robin Williams tribute has gone VIRAL. After you watch it, you’ll see why! Please share so everyone can see it!!

Kina Grannis – Forever Blue (Full Album Stream)



Bear The Wonder Dog Gives This A Paws Up! Film Awards: “Look up” the Movie: Official 2015 Trailer

“Look up” the Movie: Official 2015 Trailer

#SkyderALERT You no longer live in a world of blue skies and natural weather. The air you breathe, the suns you see and the rain that falls is all being controlled…








When the actual water vapor that we breathe out starts to linger and follows us around all day making a haze, I’ll buy the pic on the bottom being the result of vapor. JS



Hey People! What about us? We like clean air to breathe, too !



Dig out your black light and see the gleaming shimmer in the nights sky  along with other fibers . What is it is that glows like glitter?




Check in with Ann Little Running Deer ….. Wild Stuff going on over at her Blog! WOOF!  Now that’s  entertainment in Real Time!!!!!!


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