Speaking With One Voice to Stop Monsanto and Biotech


The disastrous chain of events that could result from the planting of GM alfalfa is better understood when one realizes that alfalfa hay is a staple diet of dairy and beef cattle. More to the point, organic farmers rely on organic alfalfa to feed their animals. In the absence of GMO labeling in the

Dragging Monsanto to Justice


Speaking With One Voice to Stop Monsanto and Biotech

Here is something you can do right now to fight back. It will take you 10 seconds to send this letter and let your voice be heard.

ota.capwiz.com Obama Administration Fails to Protect Consumer and Farmer Choice

Finally a voice of reason. We need to unite and speak out about big business playing God, poisoning our bodies, and polluting our environment. Organic should not be an expensive luxury. It should be the norm for clean food and water to be affordable and accessible to all. We can make this happen if we fight back, join together, and demand change from Washington and corporate America.



Baseless attacks within the organic community do not serve the organic cause. Instead of fighting with each other, we need to fight Monsanto and the forces that are ignoring Americans who support organic and want the right to choose.

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