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Native American Products

Tanka Bar - 12 Pack Tanka Bar – 12 PackAmazon Price: $36.99
Cuisinementor Spice Blend Variety Gift Pack in Beautiful Mesh Bag! Gluten Free. Five Twin-pack Favorites. Moroccan Chicken, Native American Three Sisters Stew, Mediterranean Grill, African Piri-Piri, Indian Tandoori. Vegetarian Friendly. Cuisinementor Spice Blend Variety Gift Pack in Beautiful Mesh Bag! Gluten Free. Five Twin-pack Favorites. Moroccan Chicken, Native American Three Sisters Stew, Mediterranean Grill, African Piri-Piri, Indian Tandoori. Vegetarian Friendly.Amazon Price: $32.00
CuisineMentor Native American Three Sisters Stew Gourmet Spice Blend with Chipotle. Gluten Free. Great party enchiladas! CuisineMentor Native American Three Sisters Stew Gourmet Spice Blend with Chipotle. Gluten Free. Great party enchiladas!

Amazon Price: $6.00

Native American Indian Craft Supplies- Indian Craft Supply

Biggest line of Native American Indian & Mountain Man arts, crafts, craft supply & kits available American Indian & Rendezvous Craft Supply & Products.

Knives & Knife Making – ‎Online Store – ‎Craft Supplies – ‎Catalogs, Gift Certificates

American Indian Museum –‎

Chickasaw Cultural Center: see art, dance, theater, foods & exhibits.‎

Plan Your VisitExplore the CenterMembershipAbout

Native Food Network | The market connection for American Indian

The market connection for American Indian food products (by Dan) a major food source for Great Lakes Region Indian communities in the summer; peaches

Red Lake Nation Foods is a Native American owned company in

We are pleased to share the bounty of the harvests, as well as other natural food products all produced by American Indians. Red Lake Nation Foods is a

on December 13, 2010


The exhibit “New Identities in Chickasaw Art” features artwork ranging from handbags and jewelry to hand-crafted knives and paintings that capture the essence of tribal elders.

This celebration of Chickasaw art and culture, opening 2:30 p.m. today, will be one of the first events conducted at the tribe’s new tourism offices in Oklahoma City’s Bricktown.

The offices are located on the first floor of the original Bunte Candy Factory building, 1 East Sheridan, Suite 100.

“These artists are incredibly talented,” said Bill Anoatubby, Governor of the Chickasaw Nation, in a news release. “It is truly inspiring to see such a variety of creative expressions of Chickasaw culture and heritage.”

Hummmmm Notice the Great Talent? A lot along the same style of painting, don’t you think? Yes, I think we are on the right path for finding this Artist among the Chickasaw People!

Artist Sharon Irla

Necessity Is The Mother

Oil on Gessobord (18″ x 24″)


Best Of 2 Dimensional Category – 2010 Southeastern Art Show – Chickasaw Nation, Ada, OK

1st Place – 2010 Cherokee Holiday Art Show, Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah, OK

NEW RELEASE! Original Oil on Canvas, and S&N Limited Edition Giclee Prints on canvas. Reproductions are of the highest archival quality and are rich in color and detail. All reproductions are shipped unframed and unstretched.

– 11″ x 15″ Signed & Numbered Giclee on canvas – 700 Edition size –

Wow! What Great Artists!!!!!!!!!

Artist Kenneth Su


Indian Pueblo Cultural Center New Online Store


Be Authentic. Buy Native.

Help us spread the word about our new online store for Native American arts:!

Other Native American Products:



(public domain)

(Jewelry, Weaving, Pottery and other Art)


Sundancer Jewelry Co Manufactures high-quality handcrafted Indian southwestern-style jewelry in New Mexico.

Morning Star Gallery – Santa Fe, NM The world’s premier gallery for antique American Indian art. Carson House Shop Indian Jewelry, Bracelets, Rings, Necklaces, Concho Belts Taos, New Mexico Carson House Shop, Taos, New Mexico, Indian Jewelry, Navajo, Zuni and Hopi and More

R.B.Ravens: Navajo Weavings, Pueblo Pottery, American Indian Art all Quality Collectables Navajo Weavings, Pueblo Pottery, Kachina Dolls, RayTrotter, Textiles,Taos Founders, American Indian Paintings, Early Taos Painters, Navajo Rugs, Navajo Blankets, Pawn Jewelry, Books, Navajo Saddle Blankets, New Mexico FurnItureAmerican Indian Jewelry | Zuni Jewelry | The Native Americans of the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico are renowned for several American Indian Jewelry | Zuni Jewelry | The Native Americans of the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico are renowned for several distinctive styles of jewelry. They include cluster work, channel work, inlay, petit point, and needlepoint, all of which are madNavajo Shopping Center Showcase of over 2,000 items of Navajo jewelry, concho belts, bolo ties, and Native American pottery. Catalog with secure online ordering.

Richardson’s Trading CompanyGallup, NM Where the indians come to trade.

Ranch Kitchen Native American crafts online catalog – Gallup, NM Extensive catalog with large number of photos. Jewelry, pottery, Kachina dolls, fetishes, Navajo rugs. Credit cards accepted. Next-day shipping.

Charles Littleleaf Native American Flutes

Charles Littleleaf’s gallery of his commissioned works in Native American flutes:…

Charles Littleleaf added 173 new photos to the album Native American Flute Gallery (2) Works by Artist, C. Littleleaf — with Mabel Rodriguez Silvera.

More in Native American flutes created by artist & performer, Charles Littleleaf… enrolled Tribal Member of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Oregon. (Posted by V. Littleleaf)

Native American Information Sites

Southwestern Association for Indian Artists (SWAIA) – Santa Fe, NM

SWAIA is a not-for-profit organization established to encourage cultural preservation, intercultural understanding and economic opportunities for American Indians through excellence in the arts. Index of Native American Resources on the Internet – WWWVL American Indians
Native Peoples Magazine, the world’s leading journal of contemporary Native American life, has been dedicated since 1987 to the sensitive portrayal of the arts and lifeways of the Native peoples of the Americas.

Navajo Times

Indian Gaming News

First Nations: Issues of Consequence Extensive collection of articles and fact sheets on Native American history and individual tribes, from the perspective of the oppressed.

Native American Home Pages NATIVE AMERICAN SITES and home of the American Indian Library Association Web Page Last update – November 26, 2001 . Maintained by Lisa Mitten. This site has been visited by people since September…

Native American Rights Fund Providing legla representation to Native American tribes and villages, organizations and individuals to help untangle the maze of laws impacting their lives.

Native American Journalists Association Native American Journalists Association serves and empowers Native communicators through programs and activities designed to enrich journalism and promote Native cultures.

NativeTech: Native American Technology & Arts a site dedicated to disconnecting the term “primitive” from Native American technology.

Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT) Home Page: Empowering, Educating, and Entertaining Through Native Media

Native American Winds Specializes in Native American music and accessories.


shared Idle No More Washington‘s photo.

November 28

Buy Local! Buy Native!

Please don’t contribute to the billionaires getting even richer this holiday consumer season!
Here are a few sites to purchase Native art and products. If you know anyone I should add please let me know.
Thank you for supporting authentic Native art and Native businesses! (Please share ~ Thank you)

Alaska Native Artists:
Larry Ahvakana:
Peter Boome:
Beyond Buckskin:
Lois Chichinoff Thadei
Alano Edzerza:
Chenoa Egawa:
Andy Everson:
Louie Gong:
Terrance Guardipee:
Dorothy Grant:


Rock-Star Guitar Maker Name: John Longbow


Rock, Rattle and Drum: 5 Native Musical Instrument Makers Carving Their Way to the Top


Music is vital to the history, traditions and storytelling of Native Americans and First Nations people, and plays an important role in many tribal ceremonies, pow wows, celebrations, courtships and healings.

While Indian Country is full of talented Native singers and musicians who have earned well-deserved recognition for their gifts, they couldn’t create their magic without musical instruments.

Indian Country Today Media Network spotlights five natives who have perfected the craft of making drums, flutes, rattles and even guitars. Some do it for a living, and for others, it’s far more than a hobby. As one music-maker said, “Native Americans don’t refer to making instruments as a hobby. It’s a cultural connection.”

1. Rock-Star Guitar Maker

Name: John Longbow, 45

Instrument he makes: Guitars

Tribal affiliation: Choctaw and Chicaksaw

Home: Rio Rancho, New Mexico


Phil Hamilton:
Morgan Howard:

Deer Skin boots:
Jerry Laktonen:

FaceBook Indian Artists:
Harvey Anderson:
Charlie Bloomfield:
Neeka Cook:
Janette Conger:
Jo Edenshaw:
Andy Everson:
Malynn Foster:
Louie Gong:
Dorothy Grant:

Sondra Simone:
Mary Neeraja Snowden:


Antonio Sanchez shared APACHE Skateboards’s photo

An APACHE skateboard company unlike any you’ve ever heard of. With a platform for success to launch films, art, skateboarding, music, photography, poets, writers, critical thinkers, friends & whatever/whomever we want,
into the creative stratosphere. Because life is short and you should have fun.

 San Carlos, AZ ·

‪#‎RoseSimpson‬ ‪#‎YatikaFields‬ were featured artists in 2005 at “Pop Life II”. 10 years later graffiti art the blend of Indian Art is now a semi norm, then it was unheard of. ‪#‎PopLifeII‬ was held by invitation Princeton University and also featured : Micah Wesley, Reuben Ringlero, Douglas Miles Jr. , Irwin Lewis Jr., Douglas Miles. Skateboarding, graffiti art and spoken word poetry were new to Indian Art, not anymore. We weren’t always this amazing though. Princeton University X APACHE Skateboards curated by Douglas MILES .


Antonio Sanchez Photography

Antonio Sanchez Photography
Accompanied by the music of Colorado musician Jon Romero – this video contains a sampling of images from the body of work of Colorado photographer Antonio Sanchez…

Antonio Sanchez shared Voices From the Four Winds’s post.

Voices From the Four Winds

Yet another case of intellectual property being appropriated. These issues impact all of us. Buy local and support Native artists as we struggle to continue living our culture and traditions.

Opposing Corporate Theft of Mayan Textiles, Weavers Appeal to Guatemala’s High Court2016_0814mayan1

Guatemala’s Indigenous Mayan weavers are fighting corporate appropriation of their intellectual property rights.|By Jeff Abbott




Buy Native! Support Native owned businesses

Across Turtle Island, Native entrepreneurs have been creating some of the most unique and innovative businesses and products. From clothing and fashion wear to health and beauty products these insp…

CBC Indigenous

“It sort of evolved into this idea of applying Haida art onto clothing and that’s basically the roots of it.”

CBC Radio: Unreserved


Fashion designer Dorothy Grant has been sharing Haida legends for 30 years

She was the first fashion designer to combine haute couture with her Haida culture. You may have seen some of her graceful designs – a blend of contemporary and traditional – from wool and cashmere scarves, and coats to suits and silk gowns walking a red carpet or two.

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