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Glimpse’s of My Life Through My Mind’s View Finder

File:Mt. Rainer-Reflection Lake.JPG

Born on the North West Coast of the US. I am use to Snow Capped Mountains, beautiful Forests, wild flowers on wild Rivers. The once wild foods, berries of the area and the beloved Salmon.

File:Killerwhales jumping.jpg


I could look out across the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. I could look in land at the Snow Capped Mountains.

I watched the Hawks and Eagles soaring in the clean pure blue skies. Enjoyed the thrill of the first crys of the Geese in Spring and Winter. As thousands of flocks in v formation made their dramatic way North or South each season.

File:Haliaeetus leucocephalus -Alaska, USA -flying-8.jpg

File:Branta canadensis -Atlantic coast, New Jersey, USA-8.jpg

Loving the show of the Northern Lights dancing across the skies.

File:Northern Lights, Greenland.jpg

Hearing the howl of the wolf packs. Hearing them pausing at the tent flap at night, as they listened in on you.

File:Yellowstone Wolves.jpg


Finding you were being tracked by curious Mountain Lions in the snow when crossing back over the trails and seeing their foot prints behind yours.

File:Cougar snow.jpg

Seeing huge bear tracks just filling in with water on the trail and the hair standing up on the back of your neck realizing he/she is right next to you in the brush.

File:Grizzly Bear Yellowstone.jpg

Not me:) But for Bear’s Paw ……


This is how big a grizzly bears paw is – by the way, the bear is sedated and about to be tagged. I’m in absolute awe!

Via – @sasagronomy

2 thoughts on “RD About

  1. You are in a less trailed area and suddenly a low growling starts coming from one of the logs! You stop look and then retreat the way you came into the area. What animal was it? What has a deep growl like that? A Badger? A Wolverine? You would think from others stories, that a Wolverine would wildly come out to attack you. But stories are not always a normal fact set in stone! You were not going to stay around to find out! Just thank them via your mind for their warning and camly leave them in peace.

  2. You were sitting in a quiet wooded area on a low log. Singing to the birds and animals that have quietly come to listen. When you stop singing, you then hear childrens voices coming from beyond some evergreen trees. You slowly and softly get up from the log and move quietly to the trees and look through their branches.
    There before you is a small group of deer talking to each other! One stops talking and stares directly at you and then they all turn their heads to see what it is. They are in shock to see you but are like frozen statues, not making a sound.
    You move back out of the trees. Then you hear them leap away
    through the woods. I had only hear them make grunts, clicks and meowing sounds before. Sounding like children’s voices in a different language was something new to me!
    Wow! It was one of those special days! I always wished I had a movie camera with sound, to have captured all these memories. But I only have the snap shots and sounds still in my mind.

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