RE: After a Win at ’48 Hour Film Project Portland’ Native Crew Looks for Win in Paris

After a Win at ’48 Hour Film Project Portland’  Native Crew Looks for Win in Paris

You might remember hearing of the film Fancy Dancer, a documentary film project by Isaac Trimble a few years back in which he documented the process of learning culture and wellness by fancy dancing. Well he’s involved in a new project which has already received accolades in the industry.

Produced by Isaac Trimble, and directed by LaRonn Katchia, short film Missing Indigenous boasts an all Native American crew, lovingly known as Team RedFawn. The film recently won “Best Film” and “Best Cinematography” in Portland’s 48 Hour Film Project, and seeks to tell a story of a people too often underrepresented among mainstream audiences.

Missing Indigenous Trailer


Late Actress Misty Upham’s Cause of Death / Upham died of blunt force wounds

Late Actress Misty Upham’s Cause of Death Revealed; Questions Still Remain


The King County (Washington) Medical Examiner has determined that late actress Misty Upham, Blackfeet, died of blunt force wounds to her head and torso. Famous for her performances in Frozen River and August: Osage County, Upham disappeared on the Muckleshoot Reservation on October 5; after a search by family and friends, her body was discovered near the White River on October 16.

Late Actress Misty Upham’s Cause of Death Revealed; Questions Still Remain

Coroners say that Upham died of blunt force wounds, but cannot say whether her fatal plunge from a 150-foot cliff was accidental.




Ok I have been covering this mixed up story  because she was a Movie Star. She worked with our team at NativeVue Magazine! She was one of the writers! Who even had an up and coming Movie she was to be soon working on!

The stories were so mixed up by the family. They wanted her to take care of the father! She even came back to deal with him. They even admit they had called the cops on her twice! Saying the first time the cops beat her up! So the father calls the police on her again! Her body was just behind her sisters apartment! Wearing the clothes they had described in detail ! Right away they keep saying she is mentally ill, she is sick in the head and took her own life? Then they say she is not sick in the head and she did not kill her self? The dad calls the cops on her then tells what happened to her before and that this time she ran away to hide! Right away he is asking for donations even before finding her body. He needed her to take care of him, the family said at the start of their story telling?

This stinks to high heaven! I bet she was continually asked for money! What happened when she wisely did not give any more? If they make up another story it may come out that a family scuffle in or at that apartment got her killed and she was dumped over the cliff, maybe days before they did call the police. Sorry but Too many story changes in the script has brought me to this conclusion. That they are on a guilt trip and to cover up of their guilt they can not stop their story telling? Am I wrong? Poor Souls!


Upham Family’s Shocking Statement: ‘Misty Was Murdered by Two Men’

The family of late actress Misty Upham is now saying that their daughter was murdered, and that there were witnesses.

MTV The highly anticipated untold story about America begins.

Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian and Indian Country Today Media Network shared MTV‘s video.


The highly anticipated untold story about America begins. Watch Rebel Music: Native America NOW and tell us what you think!

Red Nation Television Channel shared Misty Upham: We love you Beautiful. We will always Remember You – Memorial’s photo.



Location: The Pentecostal Church at Muckleshoot, 39731 Enumclaw Road SE, Auburn, WA

Misty will arrive at noon on Wednesday, October 22nd. A wake will be held for her Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The memorial service will begin at 2:00 pm on Saturday, October 25th.

Misty Upham’s Sister Amanda at Memorial Vigil: “Misty would not have committed suicide”

Misty Upham’s Sister, Amanda at Memorial Vigil: “Misty would not have committed suicide”

Misty Upham’s Sister, Amanda at Memorial Vigil: “Misty would not have committed suicide”


“Misty would not have committed suicide. She loved life. She did not believe in that,” stated Upham’s sister, Amanda.  “She was looking forward to life and was full of life. She had so much life to live. She is in a better place now but we all miss her. She loved and gave to so many people but sometimes she would say she did not think people thought of her in the same way. She would be so happy to see so many people here out of love. She would have been so happy to know she was loved.”








Quote: Kathi Ann Ashford Don’t stop. Have to get the horrible person off the streets that did this

Kathi Ann Ashford Keep on them to find her killer

Juliette Lewis Offers Words Poetry and Music in Memory of Misty Upham







Juliette Lewis Offers Words, Poetry, and Music in Memory of Misty Upham


While working on August: Osage County, Misty Upham befriended co-star Juliette Lewis, and the accomplished actress and musician has been the loudest voice in Hollywood as the saga of Misty’s death has unfolded. Last week, Lewis told her Twitter followers “My friend is missing!”—and then, after Upham’s body was discovered and identified, offered her opinion on the situation in no uncertain terms. “This is not a suicide,” she said.

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The Music

“Since I am away working, I am holding my own ‘memorial’ for Misty,” Lewis wrote. “This is the song I’d play. RIPMistyUpham #MistyUphamMemorial Brian Eno’s ‘Tiger Mountain'”

The Eulogy

In another post, Lewis shared her own thoughts on her friend:

Her Artistry was the gift she left all of us. See August Osage County or Frozen River if you’d like to know her this way. She was an incredible Actor. This is where her power and beauty shown through in its purest form. A stillness and focus that was all knowing all pervasive. Her presence was majestic like a wide open landscape connected to the heavens, expansive and formidable. There was a reason she was THE Native American actress to go to in her all too short career of 8 yrs. She would have loved all the attention, interest and LOVE she is being shown in her passing by all who had the privilege of working with her, knowing her or being an admirer of her work. She’s a strong soul. I have no doubt she’ll find her way. I love you Misty. And I will not live in my regrets. I will honor your path. Accept what I can not control. And surrender it to the universe. Thank you for being the healing hand and steady guide you have been for many. And God Bless u for all you had to endure to show us how brightly you could shine. JL”

The Reading

In a third post, she wrote that “this is the poem I’d read if I could attend Misty’s memorial.” The work is “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep” by Mary Elizabeth Frye:

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain
I am the gentle Autumn rain.
As you awake with morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there I did not die.



Misty Upham(1982–2014)


Misty Anne Upham, born in Kallispell, Montana, grew up in south Seattle, the fourth of five children. She began her career at the age of thirteen when she joined a community theater group, Red Eagle Soaring. What began as a summer workshop soon turned into a full-time job. By the age of fourteen she was writing and directing short skits and … See full bio »


Misty Anne Upham
July 6, 1982 in Kalispell, Montana, USA


October, 2014 (age 32) in Auburn, Washington, USA

Misty Upham: We love you Beautiful. We will always Remember You –

Breaking News: More on Misty Upham


We would like to share some important information about the search and rescue efforts for Misty. The Auburn Police had nothing to do with finding her. It was through the efforts of her uncle Robert Upham, family, friends and the Native community who were able to recover her body. Our hands are especially raised to the two brave men who showed up and used their skills to go the extra mile. Robert Kennedy and Jeff Barehand are the volunteers who discovered where Misty had disappeared down a 150 foot ravine. They are heroes in that they helped to bring closure to her whereabouts. Many blessings to these two men always!

Missing? Misty Upham a Blackfeet actress / ICTMN has confirmed with Washington police

10 hrs ·

Sad News!

Coroner’s Office Confirms Body of Native Actress Misty Upham Found – Native News Online

Tweet DEVELOPING STORY Family wants people to know it does not believe the Auburn Police Department did enough to find her. AUBURN, WASHINGTON—Friends and…




Misty Upham’s Father Says Her Death Was an Accident, but Alleges Mistreatment by Police

Misty Upham’s father believes his daughter was trying to hide from Auburn police when she fell to her death.

Authorities in Washington state are still searching for the missing Misty Upham, who has appeared onscreen alongside Oscar winners in films like 2013’s August Osage County and 2008’s Frozen River, The Hollywood Reportersays.


Upham, 33, who played the family housekeeper in Osage, was last seen near her apartment in Auburn, south of Seattle, on Oct. 5; her father reported her missing the following day. When Auburn police went to check on her, it looked as though she had packed up and left.

The police did not comply with her father’s wish to officially list her as a missing person because she appears to have left of her own volition, and therefore her disappearance does not seem ” “unexplainable, involuntary or suspicious,” as required by state law. Therefore, no resources have been assigned to her case.

Therefore, the Upham family is relying on the media and Facebook to alert the public about their missing daughter.

"I went on my hike early evening in prayer for Misty Upham and I can not believe that not one tribe has stepped up to offer her family funds to help search for their daughter. MISTY IS ONE OF OUR OWN. WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!!!!! The police are not searching for her, WE AS INDIAN COUNTRY NEED TO STEP UP - I BEG JUST ONE TRIBE TO STEP UP AND HELP FIND MISTY UPHAM"  ~ Joanelle Romero. #UniteforMisty


 Now a another report is out  ICTMN has confirmed with Washington police

Actress Misty Upham Missing;

Quote from another report:


AUBURN, WASHINGTON—Native actress Misty Upham (Blackfoot), 32, has been reported missing by her immediate family. Upham, who played a housekeeper in “August: Osage County,” was last seen walking from her sister’s apartment last Sunday, October 5, 2014 the Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, Washington, some 20 miles south of Seattle.

Her father reported her missing the next day to the Auburn Police Department.


Anyone with information relating to Upham’s whereabouts should contact the Auburn Police Department at 253-288-2121. Refer to case number: 14-13189.



Here at Buffalohair Entertainment We are in shock, as Misty Upham was part of our NativeVue  Magazine Group years ago, with Owner Editor Carole Quattro Levine!



Misty Upham – Biography – IMDb

Misty Upham. Biography. Showing all 20 items. Jump to: … Was asked to write an article for the Native Vue Magazine in 2006. After reading her work, the editor asked her to come on as a featured celebrity writer. … NATIVE AMERICAN ACTRESSES.



Misty Upham Biography – – Entertainment News … has Misty Upham Biography and more… Your … Acting became the one consistent element in her childhood – she began her training with the Native American theater group, … and penned several articles for the Native American magazine, Native Vue.



Scene4 Magazine: Expiration Date – Rick Stevenson| Carole …

Scener Magaine-February 2007: Expiration Date – Meet Filmmaker Rick Stevesen by Carole Quattro Levine and Misty Upham


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Actress Misty Upham Missing; Last Seen on Muckleshoot Reservation in WA


Misty Upham, a Blackfeet actress famous for her performances in Frozen River, Jimmy P., and August: Osage County, has gone missing, according to her father Charles Upham. She was last seen leaving her sister’s apartment in Muckleshoot, Washington, on October 5.

ICTMN has confirmed with Washington police that a report has been filed and she is listed as missing according to their records.



August: Osage County Actress Misty Upham Is Missing

Misty Upham, a Blackfeet actress best known for her roles in August: Osage County and Frozen…






Montana splendor of Glacier National Park

Jag Ensing's photo.
Jag Ensing's photo.
  •  Quote by Misty : / Misty Upham He just told me I have his heart. Made me forget my troubles for a moment. My Joshy Poo

     Upham was born in Kalispell, Montana, but grew up in Seattle. She has appeared in some dozen films including: “Skins,” “Skinwalkers,” “Frozen” and “August: Osage County.”

  • In “August: Osage County,” she played the role of Johanna Moneveta, the housekeeper to Meryl Streep’s character.

    Upham has a role in the upcoming movie, “Cake” starring Jennifer Antison.

    Upham moved to Auburn, 20 miles from Seattle, to care for parents. Her father, Charlie Upham, suffered a stroke earlier this year.
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    Breaking: Body Found in Washington Believed to Be Misty Upham…/breaking-body-f…

    Breaking: Body Found in Washington Believed to Be Misty Upham

    A body found near the White River in Washington is believed to be that of Misty Upham, Blackfeet actress who went missing 10 days ago.

    •  Oh dear:( No one could get their stories straight on this news, all so mixed up! Police said she had packed up and moved that was not a missing person! Family said she was going to take her own life, then they said she was not going to take her life. They had the clothes she was wearing down to the last detail.? Did they help her pack?. Who would pack up and move if they were planing to take their own life? I hope this is not her! She is of the Blackfoot Tribe of Montana on a REZ in Washington state? Wow! All the money that was wanted, first by a white woman on FB? Then only a church group ,of what they call holy rollers? was looking for her? WOW!


      The 32-year-old Native American actress was reported missing by her family Oct. 6, a day after telling police she was suicidal.

      The family said Upham had moved to the Seattle area to help care for her father, who’s recovering from a stroke. She had be

      en staying at a relative’s apartment on the Muckleshoot reservation.

      Tracy Rector, friend of the victim and Upham family spokesperson, said relatives and members of the native community organized Thursday’s search.

      A search party of three, including one family member, was canvassing the forest when they found Upham’s purse and ID. They searched a ravine, discovered a body and called 911.

      An official identification of the body has not been made.…/body-found-auburn…/nhkmh/

      Body found in Auburn believed to be missing actress Misty Upham

Misty Upham’s Friend Juliette Lewis Demands Inquiry: ‘This Is Not a Suicide’



Misty Upham’s Friend Juliette Lewis Demands Inquiry: ‘This Is Not a Suicide’


When they were colleagues on the set of August: Osage County, actresses Misty Upham and Juliette Lewis became fast friends. Now, one of them is dead under mysterious circumstances, and the other is demanding answers.

On Thursday evening, after the news had broken that Upham’s body had been found near the White River in Washington, Lewis posted a photo of herself and her friend to Instagram, with the following comment:

Misty Upham survived many things that many don’t early on in life. She fought for the voiceless feircely. She understood suffering and the deepest pain. She had a presence everyone saw and felt. It is this presence that will continue. Out of the dark space in which her light got dimmed. I will remember her as tuff. Wise. Funny. Spiritual. And hopeful. This is another great reminder to call and check on someone when you think to. Not when its too late. RIPMistyUpham

Lewis continued her thoughts on Twitter:

@JulietteLewis #RIPMistyUpham I am in shock and grief. I pray the police do a murder investigation. They’re saying not “foul play” when of course it is.

@JulietteLewis #RIPMistyUpham Misty spoke out a lot against injustices within Native community. And had known enemies. Police must do an investigation.

@JulietteLewis I cant sleep. Too much darkness. I feel so sad about Misty. I know she has more to say. And about how she died. #RIPMistyUpham

@JulietteLewis Misty told me about horrible violence she suffered on NA reservations She felt she coul be murdered! Bcuz she was vocal #ThisIsNOTaSUICIDE



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