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South Africa Prepared for Solar Storm, We Picked Our Noses

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South African authorities issued a warning to its citizens to prepare for the dire affects of the latest solar storm. They suggested their citizens wear sun protection or stay indoors. NASA also issued a warning about the latest solar outburst but for the most part the rest of the planet was ambivalent to the whole situation. As noble as the South African governments attempt to prepare its people was it offered more of a placebo since gamma and x-rays can not be stopped by sun tan lotion. In fact gamma and x-rays penetrate most structures with relative ease. Staying indoors would provide little to no protection since gamma rays can penetrate 1 meter of solid concrete. But if your home was still covered in toxic lead based paint you’d have some protection at the very least. Ironic huh.

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Egyptians to US Media; “Butt Out!”

Egyptians are very dismayed by all the inaccuracies and sensationalism the western media has resorted to in reporting Egyptian news. Their valiant struggle for democracy has become nothing more than a vehicle to spin various political agendas in other nations. The media has distorted facts to paint a picture of “Jihad” and Muslim extremism that is just not true. Christians, Muslims and other sects are standing hand in hand for Egypt their nation, not for the destruction of Israel and the closure of the Suez Cannel. The sooner things got back to normal the better for the tens of millions of the Egyptians who are directly affected by this transitional period. Mubarak and his criminal constituents must step down and allow Egypt flourish once again. In reality, the Mubarak Cartel and all its members should be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity. The pillaging of Egypt’s coffers while lavishing elitists with the riches of an empire will be Mubarak’s legacy.

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