Rod Pocowatchit My top 10 movies for 2016:



Rod Pocowatchit

My top 10 movies for 2016:


Love, war and rebels: My top 10 movies of 2016

From “La La Land” to “Fences,” the year’s best films were bursting with robust acting amid powerful stories.

Joel Adams – Please Don’t Go (Official Music Video)

One year ago, today, I released the official music video for “Please Don’t Go.” In the last year, the video has earned over 50 million views on Facebook and over 42 million views on YouTube. It’s also earned over 400,000 shares, 50,000+ comments, millions of likes, and a 99% thumbs up rating.

Thank you so much for helping this song establish me as a new artist from Australia.

I know everyone is waiting for my first album! I can announce that it’s done being recorded (16 songs) and I couldn’t be happier with the music.

Over the last two years, I have lived and worked in multiple countries with many Grammy winning and Grammy nominated songwriters, producers, mixers, and audio engineers to give you all the best music imaginable! I am still working with my label on a release date and hope to have lots of exciting news in 2017!

In case you missed it or it’s been a while since you last heard my debut single, here’s the music video on YouTube:

And if you want to support me financially and own the song for unlimited listening, you can always download the song on iTunes here: or stream it on any streaming provider, especially Spotify!



Joel Adams – Please Don’t Go (Official Music Video)

Joel Adams is a 19 Year-Old, Blue-Eyed Soul and Pop Singer/Songwriter from Australia. Joel wrote and…

Frank Waln talks Native history new Single and Seventh Generation prophecy vocalo















Rob Falsini is a singer songwriter Singing Christmas Song Live Guitar Music

Amazing Street Performer Singing Christmas Song Live Guitar Music

Published on Dec 24, 2016

Amazing Street Performer Singing Christmas Song Live, we loved the beautiful Music. Rob wrote this song for his young kids a couple of years ago. Christmas is the only time that he can play this original song.


Rob Falsini is a singer songwriter who usually sings and plays live music at Covent Garden. He is a talented street performer and a guitar player. This is one of his original songs called The Streets Are Never Fake.



The authorities at Standing Rock literally tear gassed / shot at my son @CodyBlueSnider / his crew for filming. No one does that to my kid!

Rocker Dee Snider Voices Support for Standing Rock in New Song and Video

By Toyacoyah Brown on December 13, 2016

Add Dee Snider to the list of celebrities that have voiced their support of the water protectors at Standing Rock. He even wrote a song and released a new music video about the movement.

Snider recently spoke with the New York Post saying, “To see U.S. government state and local authorities, along with hired private security, use this type of extreme violent force against unarmed American citizens in peaceful prayer is the saddest, most disturbing thing I have ever experienced. I’m glad we were there to capture the truth for all to see.”

Dee Snider has also been pretty vocal over the matter on his twitter account. Here are just a few of the tweets on the matter.

To me that is the least of it. The human rights abuse & silencing of the media (First Amendment) are what pushed me over the edge! 

The authorities at Standing Rock literally tear gassed & shot at my son @CodyBlueSnider & his crew for filming. No one does that to my kid!

Here’s my point: fuck those guys. The Indian nations have decided enough is enough and we need to back their play. 

Thanks for the support Dee!

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First Daughter …… the Black Snake (Trailer)

Winona LaDuke

4 hrs ·

What’s up at home? Two things. Here’s the film Keri Pickett has been working on for four years. We are preparing to send it out to film festivals. Join us. First Daughter and the Black Snake.… Then there’s the Line 3 Abandonment battle. Just reloading .. stay unified people. We got this.

First Daughter and the Black Snake (Trailer)|By KeriPickett