Myron Dewey was live! Demonstration Of Prayer / Praying At Their Grave Sites That Were Bulldozed / Destroyed Forever! Next To The Missouri River In ND. :( !!!!!!!


Myron Dewey  was live.

Quote: Four more gun shots! Quote: First the drones…next us….and they will say it was an accident! 😡😡😡

Marshall Lee was live.
 10/ 23/2016

21 mins ·

Reported The first shot fired  took down drone. Please share!

Myron Dewey  was live.

The Tribe Practiced their right in Taken back Their Neglected Eminent Domain

A White Tipi and A Red Tipi Have been raised and a Fire Started in safe fire pit!

The Camera Drone has been shot at five times now by police or military, as they were Flying and filming over the top of the ‘praying unarmed’ people…… here 2 miles from the Missouri River on Now Reclaimed / Neglected Burial Sites land!









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