Kick Starter For “Red Hand” – A Native American time-travel movie

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Heya peeps! Just another reminder about our film “Red Hand,” a Native American “Terminator” meets “The Matrix.” Did you know that if only 1/4 — ONE FOURTH! — of my Facebook friends pitched in just $10, we’d meet our goal and be able to make our movie. Please consider helping us out and making a dream come true. Thank you for your support!!!

“Red Hand” – A Native American time-travel movie

A Native American man with the power to heal time-travels from the future to rescue a man who is pivotal in saving the Native race.

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‘Bear The Wonder Dog’ Page /Story Share!

Ah this is another “Bear The Wonder Dog” Style  Story! I asked Carlos, if Bear could still do his News Stories.






Dog Runs Away From Home Every Day. When Mom Figures Out Where She Goes, She’s In Tears…

Dennie couldn’t figure out why Saki, her new dog, kept sneaking out of her backyard. Then one day she followed Saki and discovered her UNBELIEVABLE secret…

Bear The Wonder Dog News Highlights! First lady. James Corden hit the road for ‘Carpool Karaoke’





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It Has Been Fun ! My Family / News Team!



Bear The Wonder Dog Page: Out Of Nowhere Her Dog Grabs Her And Tosses Her Across The Room. Then The Family Sees Why…

Out Of Nowhere Her Dog Grabs Her And Tosses Her Across The Room. Then The Family Sees Why…