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This short video at FB was taken of Buffalo walking down the road about four hours ago, right down the road from our house where I released the injured grebe back into the river. There wasn’t much snow on the ground then, but it’s been coming down like this ever since and now it’s more than a foot deep. I tried to go back out a little while ago, but had to turn back because the visibility was so bad. I always find the first snow magical; the world seems so quiet and all you can hear is the sound of falling snow. Even so, I’m hoping the snow will taper off soon so as not to make it too difficult for our wild friends out there. I’m sure the bison and the bighorn sheep are not fazed, but many of the smaller animals (birds, squirrels, rabbits, deer) look very distressed.

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Sigh ! 😦 I am going to have to pull your Face Book Video Shares:( Why?

A Note:


Face Book; They will visit your sites and even hack them to crash a server but not Share their friends members videos from there. New Ownership of video issues in re- posting them ? Or just no cross sharing?

They will throw in a monkey wrench and ruin your site if you share a music request by your Face Book Friends. We don’t want that!

Awe…… Sorry Folks, so,  no can do!


So if you have the You Tube link, share that instead! Thank You! 🙂


Face Book Head quarters in Menlo Park, California


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