Blue Skies. Torben Thoger.



Did you see my latest music video? “Blue skies” is about our skies, cowardly and in deepest secret, being sprayed with chemicals; apparently in an attempt to change the weather. It’s not contrails (Kondensstriber) it’s about but chemtrails (Kemikaliestriber), And here you can see and hear my positive suggestions to how we get the blue sky again as was normal in the past. Many grew up with that facilitate cloud in the sky, usually seen and flystriberne as becomes clouds works for most as normal, because it has been going on for decades. There is plenty of evidence for it. Check it yourself and search on “weather modification”, “geoengineering”, ” SRM ” and ” Chemtrails “. You’re welcome to share the video, and if you do it, so thank you! smile emoticon my purpose is to spread the message about “look up, investigate and tell about it to others”. That way we might get those responsible to act. It’s Lærke and I singing:
heart emoticon & ☮ Torben


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