John Trudell Tribal Voice full album










John Trudell Tribal Voice full album

1 Listening 2 Voices Catching Up 3 Heart Taker 4 Living in Reality 5 The Cleansing 6 I Went So Willingly 7 The Ones Who Knew ME Well 8 Look at…






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Bunky Echo-Hawk

Yesterday at 8:42am ·


“John Trudell” | acrylic on canvas | 36″ x 48″ | painted through the night (12/6 – 12/7) in honor of John Trudell. Words cannot describe the deep admiration, respect, love, inspiration I feel for him…he has been one of my heroes throughout my life! Hiriwe Turahe, John! ‪#‎johntrudell‬ ‪#‎sacredissacred‬