Tlacaélel “NIÑA”


Indigenous Rennaissance !

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This is Sara Curruchich, a young lady of San Juan Comalapa, chimaltenango, with a gifted voice. His talent already has a space at the national level and, now, international.
Singer-songwriter, a graduate of the “normal school Jesus Maria Alvarado”, Highlighted in March of 2014, in the xxxth festival of the historic Centre Mexico, when he sang with the company of the philharmonic orchestra of Dresden, Germany, consisting of 115 musicians, in the main room of the palace of fine arts, during the Presentation of the concert “Codex dresdensis”, He made reference to the Mayan prophecies.
Sara was acclaimed for its “SUBLIME REGISTER”, According to the journal dollar the informer. In addition to the Spanish, curruchich also interprets his topics in kaqchikel. Soy502 spoke with the talented artist.
– how started your love for music?
I was interested when I looked at my mom sing and my dad play the guitar.
– your parents were musicians?
Yes, always sang at home and I liked his interpretation, we did it together.
– how old were you when you started?
Five years, more or less; now I have 21.
Sara Curruchich has made presentations by various causes and concerts in the country.
– how did you start to compose songs and what inspires you to write?
Through the music we can feel a connection with a “everything”, We are “one” with nature, the universe and ourselves; these are the reasons why I started to write. At the beginning I kept the compositions for me, but one day I was encouraged to sing in front of many. Instantly I felt that people were able to live what I was going on inside; the heart and essence are part of my inspiration, in addition to the fortress and social injustices. We live in a country where there is a lot of corruption and we veta freedom of expression, so i want to leave my experiences and those of other into pieces.
– how many songs you wrote the date?
I have completed 14, I hope they will soon be more. I started to sing songs own about 3 years ago.
– you did just launch the single “girl” with a video, it’s the first song that you record professionally?
Yes, it’s the first. I never planned, since I was a kid I dreamed of this moment, since I was singing along to my father, even though he couldn’t see this because he died. Record was a dream that seemed impossible, but, thanks to a surprise, I was able to record my song.
– what was this surprise? Who were involved in this project?
It all started in 2012, from the “change of era baktún” (13). I was invited to sing in the city of Mexico, with the philharmonic orchestra of Dresden, Germany, since, in this European country is the “Codex Maya” called Dresden. They wanted to exalt the value that deserves this legacy, with a musical presentation, during the xxxth festival of the historic center of Mexico. It was a link very nice, even though I was alone and I found it hard to understand because I don’t speak a word of English. We sang the poem of the Mexican “sun che mo”, Called “kukulkan”, In the musical albaktún, originally written in yucatec Mayan and sun allowed me to sing it in kaqchikel. It was an honor. The next day they took us to perform tests to a recording studio, but, surprisingly, it was to record the theme; I couldn’t believe it! I cried of emotion, the friends of the orchestra accompanied me, and it also recorded the video.
– what’s coming for you now? You have made other proposals musicals?
I have received some invitations to sing with brothers “in resistance”, To unite in one voice, and I’m very grateful. I also play the guitar, I want to keep doing awareness of the events of our country, the rescue of our languages and their value. We could be that of maize germ that forms the ear of our society, I’d like to do an acoustic with more musicians, it would be nice.




Sigh ! 😦 I am going to have to pull your Face Book Video Shares:( Why?

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Face Book; They will visit your sites and even hack them to crash a server but not Share their friends members videos from there. New Ownership of video issues in re- posting them ? Or just no cross sharing?

They will throw in a monkey wrench and ruin your site if you share a music request by your Face Book Friends. We don’t want that!

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