Talk It Over / Grayson Hugh


Grayson Hugh uploaded a new video: Talk It Over.

I made the video for “Talk It Over” during one of the legs of my 1989 “Blind To Reason” Tour. The song was climbing the charts in early ’89 and RCA wanted me to do a video for it. So I left my band in Minnesota once cold wintry day and flew to London, where director Nick Brandt (who also directed videos for Moby, XTC, Michael Jackson, Jewel) had the sets all built and the actors all cast. (And I never did figure out where he got a yellow cab in London!) We filmed the song several times, standing in a half-crouched position in oversized suitcases with no bottoms. By the time were done, my thigh muscles were burning and my lower back was about to fall off. But it paid off, with what became an award-winning video for a song that became an international hit for me. Thanks again, Nick, for this great concept and production. And thanks to the actors/actresses that did such a superb job here – We were introduced, then we went our separate ways, but I’ve never forgotten how all of you added so much to this video.


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