Torben Thøger : Restaurant ANNA (Anna DEL Albir)

A N N A … Today I finished and delivered a new film to Restaurant ANNA (Anna DEL Albir) and here I am outside the restaurant with Anna and Thomas Ummels – Watch the film here:

Restaurant ANNA, Albir, Spain

 Enjoy lunch and dinner on the sunny terrace. It has a French-Belgian kitchen, Fresh Lobster, BBQ and changing menu offers. In this 5-minute film from Restaurant ANNA, situated 100 meters from the beach in Albir.  Open all day, though Tuesday is closed.

The Piano Guys strike a chord

CBS Sunday Morning

There’s no easy way to describe what The Piano Guys do. There’s no point in trying to label it, either. No genre really quite fits; you have to see it in action.

The Piano Guys strike a chord

The YouTube stars are four dads from Utah who create wonderful music amid Nature’s wonders



Torben Thøger : Give Love Give Peace

Give Love Give Peace

“Give Love Get Peace” now uploaded to facebook.

I wrote this song, which I sing with our daughter Laerke, to support those who actively try to change our world into a better one. Some occupy the streets, some write a song and we all shine a light and send love from our hearts, and that is where it begins! This song is also about spiritual growth, which is learning to live without fear, learning to fully trust the unequalled power of love. Love is the healing force of the universe. Love is within the soul and has no limitations, no boundaries to its capacity. In expression, love is treating others with kindness, fairness, honesty, compassion, helpfulness, caring.
I fully believe that our polarized world is now changing to the better: “Light intensifies and overrules dark intent”, as the song says and continues: “There’ll be harmony and peace built on love. Give Love, Get Peace”.

The song is included in the album “Songs about Love and Oneness”. Get the album online and an e-book with all the songs with description and with documentation about the healing effects of the songs.

Buy the album here:

Download the free e-book here:


Give love, get peace.
Stay calm and please.
Don’t feed the fears.
And as soon as it clears. We will:

Get peace for good.
It’s understood.
Open your heart.
Your pineal gland.

All we need is at hand (And all we need is love).
Place your hand on your heart (And make a fresh start).
Make peace with yourself and breathe in.
And realize that it matters to take part.
The power of love can begin.
To overcome the love of power, that’s the cure.
Opinions are changing, barriers are broken.
And we’re building up a great world for sure.

Make peace – not war.
Says our new law.
Compassion and hope.
And courage to cope – with.

And the beginning is near (It’s here, it is right here).
See it, feel it, visualize the joy (For every girl and boy).
Life’s meant to be abundant, so cheer.
There is more than enough for everyone.
We are the ninety-nine percent.
So occupy your heart, a street, we have won.
Because light intensifies, overrules dark intent.
There’ll be harmony and peace built on love.
Give Love, Get Peace (And all we need is love).

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— with Lærke Lund Andersen.

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Hija del Sol – Inka Gold ” best version HD “

From the Mesa Fall Concert
Lets Dance and be Happy
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Rob Falsini- It Ain’t Easy (Official video)

Dedicated to everyone who’s dealing with depression..hugs..rob

Rob Falsini-It Ain’t Easy(Official video)

Original song by Rob Falsini video directed by Lois Axenderrie)LDA Productions It Ain’t Easy has been published by Stephane DeReine under GRA…