Rod Pocowatchit Wichita. KS · / Tallgrass filmmaker questionnaire: Valerie Weiss. ‘A Light Beneath Their Feet’

Meet Valerie Weiss, director of tonight’s Stubbornly Independent Award winner “The Light Beneath Their Feet” on binge Saturday at the Tallgrass Film Festival!

Tallgrass filmmaker questionnaire: Valerie Weiss, ‘A Light Beneath Their Feet’

Spotlighting Valerie Weiss, who will take part in the 13th annual Tallgrass Film Festival to be held Oct. 14-18.

Coffee Film …..Torben Thøger with Michael Uhlig in Playa de L’Albir

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Torben Thøger with Michael Uhlig in Playa de L’Albir

COFFEE FILM … Right now I am editing a film for D · Origen Coffee Roasters in Albir. The film is for my local Scandinavian TV channel TVA10. This photo is a frame grab where Michael Uhlig explains how important the roasting process is and he is an expert, even having their own coffee plantation in Panama.
If anyone is interested to knowing how you can have your own film produced and shown for thousands of especially Norwegians in our area, just contact me. We still have introduction offers, but since they are “almost give aways” wink emoticon our prices will raise soon. I think I need a coffee now! grin emoticon Enjoy your weekend!