Thomas Denomme Producer / TWO OLD WOMEN – THE FILM / Sleeping Lady Films/Waking Giants Productions

14a2023Thank you  I just wanted to share a little about Sleeping Lady Films/Waking Giants Productions and some of the things we are in the process of accomplishing.

Sleeping Lady is a majority owned Native American Company based out of Anchorage AK and Santa Fe NM. The name of the company is based on a Dena’ina legend relating to Mount Susitna, located on the west bank of the lower Susitna River near Anchorage. The company was started by myself and well known Native American actor Irene Bedard in January 2012. Irene and I had met previously in June 2011 when she guest starred on a Native American cooking show I created with another production company and then brought over to Sleeping Lady.

We shared our beliefs on the state of Native American film and television and found they were surprisingly similar. Not only are Native Americans underrepresented in film and television, (There are two shows now featuring the Amish; Native Americans – none!) most times when they are featured, it denigrates into either negative or stereotypical scenarios.

Our goal is to change all that. We have created a slate of both television and film projects that concentrate on the positive aspects of Indian Country. These shows will be of the highest quality bringing together the best people we can find; both Native and non-Native. We plan to inspire and entertain by bringing the best stories we can find to the world.

Sleeping Lady is not a charitable organization and is founded on sound business practices. Each project contains its own condensed business plan with budgets and marketing capabilities that tie into the overall business plan for the company. Utilizing film tax credits, branding, sponsorship and product placement, we expect each project to be profitable.


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