“Freebooted” Stolen videos are hurting content creators. Timcast



Tim has a good point here! He is a sharp young man! Everybody’s doing it? Sharing Embedding 😦 So you think you are helping that artist or their site in sharing:( But you really are not, if they have a money contract with You Tube!

Yes, the new “In” thing. No, I did not sign any contract. I really did not believe in it 🙂  LOL I tried a Google Ad thing on Blogger once, it turned into a joke:) A Yeah Right !!!!!!

 Tim shows it can be in the millions watched some place else ?

When I do go to You Tube its self to just watch videos, I get a Ka- Dunk’s sound and a whole computer freeze shut down 😦 So I have my disk clean up / open at all times to keep it empty of all junk in an instant. That is bad advertisement I know for Google/ You Tube 😦 …… Just Be safe everybody!


Okay a picture and a link per artist from now on? Sorry once again:( Awwwww I come and watch videos here a lot, too ……. sigh, my safe place has ended! Annie /Jage / RD



3 thoughts on ““Freebooted” Stolen videos are hurting content creators. Timcast

  1. Thinking about it! When it comes to videos of News about Crimes Against Humanity? Sorry I am sharing those even if you lose money on them. That is something that needs to be told. Same with news of weather!

  2. I am confused about the sharing buttons? He says share? When you do, it is not just the link address that appears at sharing site but his whole video!!!!! Okay what am I not grasping on this reasoning? A Shared video does not steal but only an embedded video does?

  3. Why can’t Face Book or Google give credit to the video owner and just give them the money if they signed that contract?

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