Robcoventgarden shared 95.7 KJR’s video. / The Blower’s daughter

hi guys..can i ask you a big big favour??  help me reach this little milestone of 40,000 followers by sharing this video of The Blower’s daughter on your wall and ask your friends to share it if they like it? you have no idea how much this little gesture could help..i know that by asking this i will have some dislike..well..what can i do? it’s because of people’s help that i am having my chance.. like it was for the chasing cars video which i will share again only once i reach 40,000 to celebrate…count on you guys..

thanks a million for doing this…hugs,rob


GOOSEBUMPS! This street performer’s voice is so soulful, it brings tears to my eyes.. Really BEAUTIFUL!
Thank you Rob!

Please SHARE, Let’s HELP new Artist have a chance

Robcoventgarden hi all..just want to thank u so much for all your comments about my video..thanks KJR for posting it..should you wish to listen more music from me feel free to have a look at my soundcloud page..thanks again.and if you don’t mind,please like my facebook page from the link of the to all Rob