Gabriel Ayala Performs Hiapsipo

You asked for it. Here it is!!! my Debut of a new composition. Usually my compositions are premiered live on a stage somewhere over the world but tonight I offer it here on Facebook. I simply set up my Camera in my kitchen and hit record. No edits, no special scenery….Just a man pouring his heart out with the instrument that allowed him to speak without saying a word. I do hope you enjoy this composition. It is called: hiapsipo (translation is a Happy/Fulfilled Heart). Please share is you’d like. No need to ask permission. I play music because I want it to be shared all around the world.

You heard it first on: “Night Sessions w Big Sexy”


Gabriel Ayala performs hiapsipo

This is a new composition I’ve been writing and thought I’d share it with you all even before I play it on stage. It is titled: hiapsipo. It means a Happy/ Fulfilled Heart


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