Mitakupi / How do you Give Hope in this Broken World? Who Would Give Help Or Build This Help?

Antonio Sanchez and Holy Man Film shared a link.

How do you give hope in this Broken World? Comfortable homes with filtered air and water, using Sun and Wind for heat with green houses with fish ponds for food? A smart Cultural Youth Center also with filtered air and water for the health of the youth. With a business run by the youth from the Center, with a World mail order connection. Also with a Visitor Center attached with the youth running the gift shop and Maybe a Fry Bread Cafe run by the youth? Jage.

They have their ideas below in this Story also  and share what they are now doing for the youth.


Mitakupi PHOTO: Simon Joseph Imagine growing up with no hopes, no dreams, no chance to succeed. Imagine your funeral being the highlight of your life. This is difficult for most of us to imagine because even if we grew up in financially-challenged circumstances, we knew that if we worked hard enough…

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