Robcoventgarden track clip..Streets are Never Fake

Hi is another clip from the’s the title track..Streets are Never a completely new version,which i find stunning(arranged by Stephane De.Reine)..this song was inspired by a man i met before summer 2013..been sleeping rough for 14 years and because of drugs and booze..his main regret was that his daughter didn’t really want to see him during that was quite a touching i wrote a song inspired by what he told me…few months after i met the man again..but this time he was clean..and because of the drugs free program,the Council had allocated him in a small flat..for the first time in 14 years he was sleeping again with 4 walls around…due to the fact that he overcame his addiction,his daughter agreed to see him again and that was his biggest victory…anyway..hope u like this me this song and what is about is amongst the most important things i have done…all the best..rob

Byron Nicholai : “My Grandma Used to Tell Me” / “I Am Yupik”


Must See: This 16-Year-Old Singer from Alaska is Amazing

The kid is adorable, and his songs are great. What’s not to like?



Chelsey Luger is Anishinaabe and Lakota from North Dakota. She hopes to be a strong link in a long chain of ancestors and descendants by spreading ideas for health and wellness.



Willie Dunn – I Pity the Country (1973)


Forgotten Aboriginal Musicians Survived Residential Schools, Police Brutality To Make These Songs

When Willie Thrasher first hit concert stages in the Northwest Territories during the late 1960s, his band the Cordells played Kinks and the Rolling Stones covers. That…