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Jillian Michaels The follow up to Body Revolution is here. Prepare yourself for BODY SHRED

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At long last… The follow up to BodyRevolution is here. Prepare yourself for BODYSHRED. 30 minutes a day for 60 days to make you utterly superhuman. Check it out and try here! ‪#‎jillianmichaelsbodyshred‬ ‪#‎getshredded‬ ‪#‎achievegreatness‬

Navajo Star Wars

Navajo Star Wars

The gist: Star Wars. In Navajo.

Why you want to see it: Star Wars is, arguably, the most beloved movie of all time; dubbing it into the Navajo language is, arguably, the biggest thing to happen to a Native language in the medium of film. Since its premiere on the Navajo Nation over the 4th of July weekend, Navajo Star Wars mania has been real, and growing. Navajo speakers have been excited to see it; Natives who don’t speak Navajo have been excited to see it; even Star Wars fanatics with no connection to (or awareness of) Native languages have expressed their interest. Here’s a nearly six-minute bootlegged clip from YouTube (last time we did this, it was taken down, so enjoy it if it plays):