Robcoventgarden: mary jane(alanis Morissette cover)

hi guys…thank u so much for sharing the trailer of the single Christmas Lullaby..still can’t quite believe the amazing support from you..things are looking up..the chasing car video is now half a million on you tube..probably over 3-4 million on all the other platforms where was shared(95.7 KJR,Viralista,Wimp and so on)..The entire album is not far away from being completed and in few days the presales will start on GRA Records Website…fingers crossed….i am posting a rare (meaning i lost almost everything i have done with my first band)recording of my first band Les Maudits..we wrote several original songs(some of them i may post in the future)but this is a cover version of a wonderful song by Alanis Morissette…Mary Jane…sorry for my accent…it was still very strong in those days(not that i don’t have it now but it’s better)…..hope u like it and feel free to share it if you want…the song is for free download…big hug…rob…/mary-janealanis-morissette-cover


mary jane(alanis Morissette cover)


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