Misty Upham: We love you Beautiful. We will always Remember You –

Breaking News: More on Misty Upham


We would like to share some important information about the search and rescue efforts for Misty. The Auburn Police had nothing to do with finding her. It was through the efforts of her uncle Robert Upham, family, friends and the Native community who were able to recover her body. Our hands are especially raised to the two brave men who showed up and used their skills to go the extra mile. Robert Kennedy and Jeff Barehand are the volunteers who discovered where Misty had disappeared down a 150 foot ravine. They are heroes in that they helped to bring closure to her whereabouts. Many blessings to these two men always!

DELBERT ANDERSON TRIO: Agua Linda Farm 2015 Fall Festival this Saturday



Very excited to announce that we’re playing at the wonderful Agua Linda Farm for their 2015 Fall Festival this upcoming Saturday in Amada, AZ!

Located just 30 minutes south of Tuscon, Agua Linda Farm is family owned and operated and is one of the most picturesque patches in Arizona.

We can’t wait to play!

The music starts Saturday (10/18) afternoon and lasts all day!

Come join us!

For more information:





Getting set up for this afternoon/evening!

Wonderful place!

We’ll also be doing some live recording over the next couple days too – so keep and eye out for that!

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Thank you so much to Stuart and Laurel from the Agua Linda Farms!

These accommodations are amazingggggg – we have no doubt that this room is bigger than our houses!

Can’t wait to play today!

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“The Burden of Being” will be shown today Sat. Oct 18 in the Spotlight on KS Filmmakers program. 4:30 pm NOW!


Reminder, everyone: My short film “The Burden of Being” will be shown today, Sat. Oct 18, in the Spotlight on KS Filmmakers program. 4:30 pm, Garvey Center. ‪#‎tallgrassfilm‬ ‪#‎tallgrass‬

Reminder, everyone: My short film "The Burden of Being" will be shown tomorrow, Sun. Oct 18, in the Spotlight on KS Filmmakers program. 4:30 pm, Garvey Center. #tallgrassfilm #tallgrass

Today: The Piano Guys @ Fox Theater in St Louis. MO Saturday. October 18. 2014 at 7:00PM

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Today: The Piano Guys @ Fox Theater in St Louis, MO

Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 7:00PM






Thanks for the amazing show last night! We love you, Chicago! — with Paul Anderson, Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson and Al van der Beek.

Rob Falsini “dreams can be true”

Robcoventgarden and GRA Records shared a link.

Rob Falsini, “dreams can be true”

Rob Falsini is a singer discovered on Facebook after someone posted a video filmed in the street. In two days more than 7000 people where following him,  in two weeks he reached over 200 thousands plays on the internet. Today, GRA Records is proud to announce a winter release 2014.


  • Robcoventgarden via GRA Records


    A month ago, Rob was an unknown singer in the streets of London. After a video on Facebook, he received thousands of messages, Likes, and today he is signed under our Record label, G.R.A Red.
    Here is a little video recounting what happened and what to expect next…

    Enjoy and remember, keep the faith in your dreams…

    Stephan DeReine, CEO