Screen Scene with Rod Pocowatchit Ep 8 – Tallgrass Film Festival

New episode is live – special Tallgrass Film Fest edition!

Screen Scene with Rod Pocowatchit Ep 8 – Tallgrass Film Festival

Special Tallgrass Film Festival edition, giving you some highlights of five days of screenings, gala parties, filmmaker panels and much more.



Lila Downs on Borders and La Bestia   Sorry, Face Book Does that always cuts off the link:(  Usually I go straight to the link? Asking myself why not for this one? Here you go!

Lila Downs is a siren in the darkness, an ethereal range of many octaves seeking to blur borders and return wisdom to the earth. She appeared at The Appel Room at Rose Hall in Lincoln Center on Saturday, showering the audience with gifts from her life journey back and forth across the border between…




The Piano Guys

Yesterday was just one of those days. We were scheduled to perform for a sell out crowd in Indianapolis, but our production truck with all our equipment broke down and couldn’t make it to the venue in time. We talked about cancelling the show. Then we talked about all the people supporting us that traveled long distances and made sacrifices to be at the show. We couldn’t cancel it. We turned to what we always turn to when we have nowhere to go. Prayer. After praying together we went to work as best we could. Everything we needed came together with seconds to spare. Solutions seemed to present themselves. We had to improvise a few things – we were nervous about using unfamiliar, last minute, borrowed/rented equipment and we had no time for sound check, but a miracle happened. It was a magical night. One of the most memorable shows we’ve ever had. Thank you to the Hoosier hospitality, to our crew (especially our tour manager, Garrin Mascarenas) and thank you to God for another miracle we’ll never forget.
Photo Credit: Alan P. Torre


Let Her Go (Passenger cover) – Rob Falsini sings in Covent Garden


Let Her Go (Passenger cover) – Rob Falsini sings in Covent Garden


good evening is a video of my attempt to play Let her Go by Passenger….i’d just started to play that song back then so the way i played it was a bit wobbly…but i do like this video….hope u guys will like it to…

Let Her Go (Passenger cover) – Rob Falsini sings in Covent Garden

Rob performs a Passenger cover song “Let her Go” in London’s Covent Garden on 16 Sep 2013.