Robcoventgarden: ‘Hiding The Moon’ soundtrack for a movie

Hello everyone…..i am posting over the next couple of days ,the only soundtrack for a movie i’ve ever done…the movie was written and directed by David Carren,an hollywood screenwriter who was doing this University project..i wrote 3 songs for the is the first one…hope u like it…best to all,rob


Hiding The Moon

soundtrack for David Carren’s movie The Red Queen|By rob-music-productions



gooood morning!!!!hope u’r all well..this is the second song for the movie The Red Queen that came out on the indie circuit in 2009 in USA(texas)…this is called Stay…hope u like it…big hug,rob




this is the final song i did for the Red Queen movie…if i am not wrong it was the exit music for the film..during credits and stuff….it’s called Until Tomorrow….hope you like it…best to all…rob