Charles Littleleaf Native American Flutes

Charles Littleleaf’s gallery of his commissioned works in Native American flutes:…

Previous work in progress - Chief & Ceremonial Bonnet flute block (sold)
Custom Native American Flute created for a private collector. Solid inlay from one end of the instrument to the other, and including the block. Turquoise, Mother of Pearl, Red Coral, Blue Lapis, Brown Jasper and a variety of other stone inlay.
Warm Springs "Enchanted Cedar" Dual Drone Flute with a Custom Ceremonial Sage "Sun & Moon" Block.

Charles is certain there is no other wood type in the world which can compare to the tone/sound qualities of this rare "Enchanted Cedar" - only obtainable from his reservation at the base of Mt. Jefferson in Warm Springs, OR. This special wood delivers the sweetest, most clear, warm tones you'll ever hear coming from a Native American flute. Exceptional wood for native flutes used in recording sessions or live in concert.
Curly Ancient Sequoia Native American Bass Flute with Chief/War Bonnet Block in heavy woodburn detail - Turquoise and Mother of Pearl Inlay
"The Hummingbird" feeding from a Turquoise Nugget. Curly Juniper Native American Flute ... extreme woodburned feathers/quill detail on the Hummingbird, glass eye inlay

Charles Littleleaf added 173 new photos to the album Native American Flute Gallery (2) Works by Artist, C. Littleleaf — with Mabel Rodriguez Silvera.

More in Native American flutes created by artist & performer, Charles Littleleaf… enrolled Tribal Member of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Oregon. (Posted by V. Littleleaf)

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