JANE MALUKA – PEACE THE WORLD Journey of DisCovery album



Peace The World – Jane Maluka
01 Jane Maluka Journey of DisCovery album



Native American Artwork of Kirby Sattler

He only produces a few paintings every year. But it is always well worth the wait.


Amazing Native American Artwork of Kirby Sattler

Kirby Sattler is a contemporary artist whose paintings reflect his inherent interest in the Native American People.

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Native Music Radio – Free Online Native American Music Radio






Download the Native Music Radio app to listen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.




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Indigenous in Music with Larry Knudsen – 9/27/2014


Indigenous in Music with Larry Knudsen – 9/27/2014

From: WSLR
Series: http://www.prx.org/pieces/131260-indigenous-in-music-with-larry-knudsen-9-27-2014
Length: 01:57:22


On this show enjoy a mix of Indigenous music from Arvel Bird, B-Side Players, Bomba Estero, Calle 13, Orishas, Cuban Jazz Combo, Chicha Libre, Daniel Arruda, Digging Roots, Shawn Michael Perry, Soda Stereo, Santana, Dallas Arcand, Flamingo Star, Los Ladrones, Quese Imc, Robbie Robertson, Nuna, Nortec Collective, Novalima, Pedro Casanova, Supervielle, Campo, Fiebre Amarilla Vince Fontaine and Indian City, Elastic Bond, Stolen Identity and much more! A variety of rock, pop, country, flute, powwow, salsa, classical, house and electronica. Visit me on my homepage at http://wslr.org/show/indigenous-music-larry-knudsen