Foodie Review: Great Wall, Chinese Restaurant & Lounge, Trinidad Colorado

great wall promoTrinidad Colorado is an ideal vacation spot with lakes, mountains, camping, hunting, museums and art galleries to die for. You can not possibly see all there is to see within this historic region in one day. Fortunately there are motels AND a variety of restaurants to titillate ones palate during a persons stay and this is where I come in. This is not downtown Dallas but Trinidad does have a variety of fun restaurants to choose from and on this day I dined at the ‘Great Wall’.

I love all types of Asian cuisine and was delighted to dine at the ‘Great Wall Restaurant’. It’s a quaint and humble establishment but very big on service and quality. I had the sweet and sour pork along with my customary hot and sour soup. I ordered from the lunch menu and was amazed at how frugal this meal was. For the price of a processed mystery meat burger, fries and soda I got a full-blown Chinese meal that could have passed as a dinner rather than a lunch. The portions were not skimpy, the meal was flavorful and the service was excellent. The dinner menu is a culinary adventure as well, by the way.

There was a cocktail menu that was quite impressive though I did not sample all the drink I did managed to imbibe in a ‘Zombie’ or two while I was there. The cocktail was delightful and the service was equally as prompt as my meal. Frankly I was not aware this place served cocktails though there was a giant sign outside in plain sight, gads! In any event it was a welcome surprise since I had my mum with me and she totally enjoyed her experience and her zombie at the Great Wall so I can safely endorse this place with ‘Mom’s Seal of Approval’.

If you are visiting the museums or art galleries the Great Wall is not a far walk from the center of town. In fact most restaurants are just a short walk from the town center. There is ample municipal parking adjacent to the Great Wall so if you’re lugging a camper and boat trailer or motor home you will find plenty of space to park.

Great Wall Restaurant and Lounge
321 State Street
Trinidad, Colorado 81082
719.846.1688 or 719.846.6201

great wall

Open 7 Days a Week
Sunday – Thursday 11:00AM – 9:00PM
Friday – Saturday 11:00AM – 9:30PM

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