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Native American Indian Craft Supplies- Indian Craft Supply

Biggest line of Native American Indian & Mountain Man arts, crafts, craft supply & kits available American Indian & Rendezvous Craft Supply & Products.

Knives & Knife Making – ‎Online Store – ‎Craft Supplies – ‎Catalogs, Gift Certificates

Antonio Sanchez Photography

Accompanied by the music of Colorado musician Jon Romero – this video contains a sampling of images from the body of work of Colorado photographer Antonio Sanchez…



Antonio Sanchez


March 29, 2012



 March 2015

American Indian Museum –‎

Chickasaw Cultural Center: see art, dance, theater, foods & exhibits.‎

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on December 13, 2010

The exhibit “New Identities in Chickasaw Art” features artwork ranging from handbags and jewelry to hand-crafted knives and paintings that capture the essence of tribal elders.

This celebration of Chickasaw art and culture, opening 2:30 p.m. today, will be one of the first events conducted at the tribe’s new tourism offices in Oklahoma City’s Bricktown.

The offices are located on the first floor of the original Bunte Candy Factory building, 1 East Sheridan, Suite 100.

“These artists are incredibly talented,” said Bill Anoatubby, Governor of the Chickasaw Nation, in a news release. “It is truly inspiring to see such a variety of creative expressions of Chickasaw culture and heritage.”

Hummmmm Notice the Great Talent? A lot along the same style of painting, don’t you think? Yes, I think we are on the right path for finding this Artist among the Chickasaw People!

Artist Sharon Irla

Necessity Is The Mother

Oil on Gessobord (18″ x 24″)


Best Of 2 Dimensional Category – 2010 Southeastern Art Show – Chickasaw Nation, Ada, OK

1st Place – 2010 Cherokee Holiday Art Show, Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah, OK

NEW RELEASE! Original Oil on Canvas, and S&N Limited Edition Giclee Prints on canvas. Reproductions are of the highest archival quality and are rich in color and detail. All reproductions are shipped unframed and unstretched.

– 11″ x 15″ Signed & Numbered Giclee on canvas – 700 Edition size –

Wow! What Great Artists!!!!!!!!!

Artist Kenneth Su



Blackfeet Indian Writing Company, Inc. – since 1971

P.O. Box 729

Browning, MT 59417 USA

Other Native American Products:



(public domain)

Colleen’s Gardens & Native American Products

Gifts items include Dream Catcher jewelry fashions accented in Silver and Crystal. Jewelry display box included. Birch bark gift creations include novelty canoes, 

shared Charles Littleleaf Native American Flutes‘s album.

Custom ‘Buffalo Dancer’ Native American Flute (14 photos)

Horse sculpture at end of flute – Buffalo Dancer Native American flute by C. Littleleaf


Rock-Star Guitar Maker Name: John Longbow


Rock, Rattle and Drum: 5 Native Musical Instrument Makers Carving Their Way to the Top


Music is vital to the history, traditions and storytelling of Native Americans and First Nations people, and plays an important role in many tribal ceremonies, pow wows, celebrations, courtships and healings.

While Indian Country is full of talented Native singers and musicians who have earned well-deserved recognition for their gifts, they couldn’t create their magic without musical instruments.

Indian Country Today Media Network spotlights five natives who have perfected the craft of making drums, flutes, rattles and even guitars. Some do it for a living, and for others, it’s far more than a hobby. As one music-maker said, “Native Americans don’t refer to making instruments as a hobby. It’s a cultural connection.”

1. Rock-Star Guitar Maker

Name: John Longbow, 45

Instrument he makes: Guitars

Tribal affiliation: Choctaw and Chicaksaw

Home: Rio Rancho, New Mexico



2014 Indian Market Magazine


Don’t miss Indian Market Magazine inserting Sunday, August 17, only in The Santa Fe New Mexican. This official SWAIA guide features a comprehensive artist directory and booth locator map, this year’s schedule of events, downtown parking guides, artist profiles and more.

Read it online 

Find all the same great Indian Market Magazine articles and features online here, Monday, August 18!

Scroll down to read last year’s Indian Market magazine!


IFAM at Warehouse 21

Published on May 8, 2014

Meet John, Paula and Tailinh and learn more about the Indigenous Fine Art Market. August 21-23, 2014. Santa Fe, NM.


Antonio Sanchez shared APACHE Skateboards’s photo

An APACHE skateboard company unlike any you’ve ever heard of. With a platform for success to launch films, art, skateboarding, music, photography, poets, writers, critical thinkers, friends & whatever/whomever we want,
into the creative stratosphere. Because life is short and you should have fun.


 San Carlos, AZ ·

‪#‎RoseSimpson‬ ‪#‎YatikaFields‬ were featured artists in 2005 at “Pop Life II”. 10 years later graffiti art the blend of Indian Art is now a semi norm, then it was unheard of. ‪#‎PopLifeII‬ was held by invitation Princeton University and also featured : Micah Wesley, Reuben Ringlero, Douglas Miles Jr. , Irwin Lewis Jr., Douglas Miles. Skateboarding, graffiti art and spoken word poetry were new to Indian Art, not anymore. We weren’t always this amazing though. Princeton University X APACHE Skateboards curated by Douglas MILES .


Native American Vendors Program of the Palace of the Governors

E Palace Ave and Lincoln Ave

Santa Fe, NM 87503

Background: the Native Indians have to get a permit every morning to sell here.  Sometimes a permittee will share their stall with someone who was shut out that morning.  These are kind people, and frankly, mostly pretty poor.  The love & karma thing you can do is contribute to their economy by buying something that’s going to make you, and your friends, family and/or lover all very happy.

  • Money isn’t even half of what’s happening here.

Los Angeles, CA


I like turquoise and silver at least as much as the next girl, so though I rarely seek out souvenirs when I travel, I knew I wanted to leave Santa Fe with something blue and pretty.

I’d seen the Native American Vendors Program listed on Yelp, but we ran into it while strolling around downtown Santa Fe.  You can’t really miss it if you’re exploring the area at all.  I’m not sure what the hours are, but I can’t imagine they’re anything but extremely tourist friendly.  Just look for an outdoor corridor with a couple dozen seated vendors displaying their goods.

We browsed at our leisure, and not a single vendor put pressure on us to look closer or buy.  Jewelry comprised about 90% of the goods on offer, and I enjoyed looking at all the pieces.  Near the end of my browsing, a cluster of silver bangles with turquoise and silver beads caught my eye.  The vendor behind them was a middle-aged Native American woman who was gruff in a friendly, approachable way.  I asked if I could try on a bracelet, and she gave me a few different ones that she said were right for my wrist size.  She was helpful, and she seemed to take pride in her jewelry, which she made herself.  The sticker price for the bracelet was $45, and though I suspected we were supposed to haggle, we didn’t know for sure and didn’t want to bother.  The bracelet was well worth $45, and the lady was nice enough that I didn’t mind the idea of overpaying by a few bucks.

Matt B. bought me the bangle, and I have worn it pretty consistently over the last couple weeks.  It was a lovely present and souvenir, and I’m happy we did our shopping here.  (Window shopping in other stores in downtown Santa Fe quickly taught us that turquoise and silver can get stunningly expensive.)  I’ll be sure to check out the Native American Vendors Program any time I find myself in Santa Fe.

Albany, CA


This is a must stop if you come to Santa Fe and the Plaza.  It is a great place to find First Nations jewelery and associated items sold by Native folks (from the various area Pueblos).  The selection is excellent and it changes over time.  The First Nations folks are friendly and very knowledgeable about their work.  Prices vary and need to be carefully considered in terms of the value of the particular piece.

And while your on the Plaza, don’t forget the incredible museums!


2014 Native American Holiday Gift Guide


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