Artist Sitt Nyein Aye in Amarillo Texas, Uncut

Sitt Nyein Aye, renowned artist and philanthropist tells it like he sees it and shares the day with Burma’s unsung heroes of democracy. A few of his latest sketches follow the discussion.


It is in his native language but still interesting and enjoyable as he shows his art work. He introduces the Heroes from Burma and another well known  Burma Artist, that are all there with him. A wonderful Gift!

With Loving Kindness.. Burmas Heroes in Amarillo Texas Video / Photos / Paintings by Sitt Nyein Aye 2012

Burma’s Heroes in Amarillo Texas, With Loving Kindness..


Sitt Nyein Aye, Ko Ju Ju, Daw Khin, U Kyaing

Sitt gave me a private showing of his fantastic art work and as usual, I was captivated by his artistic prowess and his rich blend of ancient Indian and contemporary styles he is noted for. After all, he was a pioneer and a trail blazer in the art scene of South Asia and his works grace private collections and galleries around the world. He is also a champion of Burma’s struggle for democracy in his own right and has donated literally millions of dollars in art to Burmese pro democracy organizations around the world. If you know Sitt then you already know that a visit with this iconic figure is always an adventure, on many levels I might add. more »

Artist: Sitt Nyein Aye Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Amarillo Texas with Sitt Nyein Aye was as rewarding as it was tumultuous. He was up to his high jinks since his return from the ISCP New York Art festival. After painting a beautiful Buddhist mural inside the home of U Kyaing & wife Daw Khin earlier this month he decided to transform the front of their home into yet another Sitt Nyein Aye creation. As usual, he was ultra energized as he described his latest project. Not meaning to be a stick in the mud my only concerns focused on building codes, but what do I know, I’m just a crusty journalist and turkey chef. more »