Andy Williams at 84 Has Past Before His Special 2012 Family Christmas Show

Andy Williams at Moon River theatre 2006.

English: Publicity photo of Andy Williams from...
English: Publicity photo of Andy Williams from his television show. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Thanks for the 75 amazing years of entertainment!!news/cjg9

Please note: As of September 6, 2012, it is still uncertain as to whether Andy will appear in his Christmas shows. He is battling bladder cancer.

Note: Andy Williams was not able to make a live appearance in his Christmas Show in 2011. He was undergoing treatment and chemotherapy for bladder cancer. Andy chose The Lennon Sisters, Oh What A Night! Quartet, The Lennon Brothers with Gail Lennon, Mike Cathcart, The Warnocks, Pasha & Aliona, Dean Church, Bob Anderson, singers, dancers and a choir to be the featured entertainers for the Andy Williams Christmas Show, through December 10, 2011.

Publicity photo of the young Osmond Brothers w...

Publicity photo of the young Osmond Brothers with singer Andy Williams. The young boys were regulars on Williams’ television show from 1962 to 1969. From left: Alan, Wayne, Andy Williams, Merrill, and Jay. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

shared PBS

We note the passing of legendary singer and variety TV star Andy Williams. When Williams was interviewed for the PBS “Pioneers of Television” series, the singer was quick to note the important role his father played in his life. Growing up

in Wall Lake, Iowa, Williams didn’t have any particular ambition for fame, but his father saw his son’s talent—and organized Andy and his brothers into a singing group. Soon, William’s dad was booking the group on radio stations across the midwest.

Decades later, when Williams had his own variety TV show, it was his father who saw a young boy band at an amateur competition and suggested Andy book them on his show. Andy wasn’t so sure—the boys were complete unknowns—but his father persisted. Andy gave in, and booked the group: the Osmonds. Their first television appearance brought the Osmonds instant fame, just as that first radio appearance had done for Andy many years earlier. All thanks to Andy’s father, Jay Williams.

Andy Williams. Courtesy the PBS Pioneers of Television archives



Andy Williams – Moon River 1960’s performance





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